Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome to Miss Maddie

Things didn't work out the way I hoped when we visited the Humane Society Wednesday. We weren't even in the cat room for 30 seconds when Angel was gushing over this little one. I did get a quick glimpse of Sabrina (the black one I wanted to look at) but she was hiding in a cave & barely acknowledged us.

Madison was going crazy, rubbing against her cage and rubbing her head on Angel's fingers, etc. So we asked if we could see her. I had to fill out a page & a half questionnaire, show my drivers license and everything, just to even visit with her!! We went in the little room and the HS volunteer brought her in and set her on the floor. I reached my hand down and Maddie came right over to me. I picked her up and she snuggled right against me. SOLD.

I am such a sucker.

I mean, look at that face!!!!

She's in the process of getting over a minor eye infection, which accounts for the winky face. I have to put drops in her eye thru the weekend and she should be better.

Since she's spayed, declawed, (mostly) healthy and even microchipped, we could bring her right home. I love that stubby tail! She carries it straight and angled up over her back. And the one orange toe on her back foot is hilarious!

She was very busy when we let her out of the carrier. Explored the entire house, even Jack's crate. She completely ignored Chester (who is NOT happy about this turn of events!!) and she is not particularly thrilled with Jack, either. I don't think she's ever been around dogs. The plan tonight is to hold her (risking life & limb) and call him over so he can sniff his fill, since that's all he wants to do. Once he gets to "meet" her, he'll be fine and leave her alone.

Yesterday when we got up we couldn't find her. We were going to put her in our bedroom and keep the boys out. No idea where she was! It took me 45 minutes after I got home from work yesterday to find her hiding spot under the kitchen table, behind a tote and some paper towel rolls.

Last night she was out exploring. Angel said she woke up to whiskers on her face at 4 am. And when I got up, she was peeking around the corner into our room, but didn't come in thanks to Chester hissing at her.

I'm hoping she comes out to visit when we're in the living room watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight!

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