Monday, July 9, 2012

A "Rock of Ages" weekend

Yesterday was mine & Randy's 6th anniversary and he's such a great guy that he caught my VERY broad hint that I wanted to see a certain concert......

and he came through for me!

Our seats were AWESOME!  We were right on the aisle about halfway back thru the pavilion in real seats.  DTE Music Theater (formerly named but still called, Pine Knob) is an outdoor venue and the lawn area is where all the drunks who don't really care about the music sit. You can see the stage behind us in this lovely self-portrait off my phone.

BTW - the people watching was excellent.  Putting out a Public Service Announcement - if you're an AARP member, you should NOT be wearing the skin tight mini dress and hooker heels from the 80s. I don't care if you have the body for it...your excessive wrinkles and leathery skin take something from that look.  That was directed at entirely too many females - affectionately called Geriatric Groupies.  :D  And guys?  If you need a cane - the tight black leather pants / vest with no shirt / obviously dyed black spiky hair (or wig) is not the look for you, either!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the zoom on my camera??
Lita played a short set due to her new album coming out this week.  Maybe 7 or 8 songs.

Poison played for about an hour. 
Rikki Rockett

Bobby Dall

Bret Michaels
I'm convinced he has a receeding hairline -
 that's why he wears the rag.
CC DeVille
during the requisite guitar solo

Someone gave Bret a Pistons jersey

The Countdown!


Phil Collen

Joe Elliott

Rick Allen

Vivian Campbell

Rick Savage

yummy x2!

The acoustic set
For any who don't know - the drummer only has one arm!
He was in a bad car accident in 1984.

The final drum solo at the end of ....
Rock of Ages!
perfect song for the encore.

OMG, by the time we got home, my throat hurt so bad!  And most of Sunday my voice was hoarse.  Way too much screaming & singing & dancing.   But WOW it was a great concert!
 I loved every minute of it!

Then during our anniversary breakfast yesterday - Randy suggested going to catch the matinee showing of......Rock of Ages!

I've seen the live musical perfornace of this & it was MUCH better than the movie. Although I really don't care for Russell Brand - him & Alec Baldwin were hysterical together.  And seeing Tom Cruise with long hair, wearing ass-less chaps and a codpiece was more than a bit disturbing!  I didn't know what to expect with all the stars doing their own singing, but they did OK.  Overall it was a decent movie.  Somewhat cheesy.  The Broadway people managed to tell the story better on stage, so I'm glad we only paid matinee prices to see it!

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