Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

 2010 Glasses

Whew! We survived the holidays!

I was so happy that I managed to get reservations for Jack at the Petsmart PetsHotel with no problem. We dropped him off Christmas Eve because no one was there on Christmas Day for check-ins. Then we went out to dinner then to church. This is the first time we’ve gone to the new location for services. They are having them at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at the high school. The reasoning is that people who may be intimidated by a church would be more likely to attend at a neutral place like a school. Guess if it works for them! It seemed odd but as I told Randy (he had more issues than me about it) – Jesus didn’t have a fancy church to spread the word. He went to where the people were. Anyway, I liked it. They always have good Christmas Programs. After that, we went home and watched a movie. Then we packed Angel off to bed so Santa could come. Of course it was the one night of the year that she insisted on keeping her door open. But once she’s out, she could sleep thru a freight train going thru her room. We know because she’s never known about the fireworks that the township lets off at the end of our street each summer.

OMG, I have so learned my lesson. When the girl picks out the hugest f***ing cookie imaginable for Santa, it is not necessary for me to eat most of it. I was wired on Mexican Coke and sugar until 4 am. I sat up and was playing boring games on the computer trying to bore myself to sleep – no luck.

So I was up at 7:30 Christmas morning. I made coffee & was relaxing on the couch before Angel rolled out of bed. It was a good day. Randy got me an iPod Nano and a Red Wings Mr. Potato Head. Awesome. I got him an XM radio repeater thing, since he doesn’t get good reception at work for his XM and new seat covers for his car. Angel got a whole bunch of stuff.

My Tater Head!

We left around 2ish to head up to Frankenmuth. We played mini-golf & had dinner at Zehnders. Then we drove around looking at lights, then went back to the hotel & hit the pools! They have 5 indoor pools, so we went in all of them. We finally got kicked out at 11. I entertained Mom & Laurie by pretending to be sucked into the filter in every pool. I’d go throw myself against the wall and have one arm & leg up over the side and yell for help until someone came to help me. Angel was usually my savior.

The non-PGA

The next morning, after breakfast we went to Michigan’s Own Military & Space Museum. This was the coolest thing! It wasn’t like other museums. This one was much more personal and had a huge section about the Polar Bears from WWI. Each display had a uniform & misc. other stuff, along with a picture of the person who wore that uniform and their story. It was fascinating. Loved it. Then we went to Bronners & did some shopping. Poor Randy was bored to tears. Normally I wouldn’t drag him with me to a place like that, but we didn’t have much choice this time.

Outside Michigan's Own Miltary & Space Museum

We didn’t do anything for New Years. Angel and I went to see the latest Chipmunks movie with Mom, Laurie & Lisa. Eh. I guess it was cute, but I wasn’t too impressed. Everyone else liked it, tho. Then we went over to Linda’s so I could drop off their gifts. Angel ended up going home with Mom for the night, so Randy and I could celebrate our own way. Pppft. We watched the Red Wings win, then we turned on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve and flipped between all the major channels until midnight. It was funny that I happened to look over at Randy and he said “I’m not wearing pants!” He wasn’t! We were sitting on the bed and he still had a shirt on with the blankets pulled up to his waist, so I didn’t even notice that he was pants-less! So I took mine off, too. That was our thing this year. Happy Pants-less New Year! We were asleep by 12:30 – didn’t even stay awake for the Arkansas New Year. Oh well.

Today I got up and did my Fast 3 Mile Walk DVD and watched the Rose Parade, then went and picked Angel up from Mom’s. We got home and watched the Winter Classic hockey game (Yay, Bruins!!) and now Randy is over there watching the Rose Bowl (Go Buckeyes!) I didn’t get to watch the Winter Classic last year with the Wings, since we were on the road coming home from Arkansas. I bet it was neat. I loved this one how they announced the players chosen for the US Olympic Team. They had a bunch of little kids wearing USA jerseys lined up on the blue line and they turned around at each name called, so you could see the player’s name on their back. Cute! I really liked how the Bruin’s goalie came out and touched gloves with each of the kids when his name was called. Very cool.

I may even come up with a resolution this year! I’m already doing the weight loss thing, so I’m not beating the dead horse. But I’m really going to buckle down and follow FlyLady and get this house presentable. Right now it looks like Hurricane Santa hit. I love how she has holiday clean up missions now.

So anyway, that’s all the excitement here.

The "interview" face

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