Friday, January 15, 2010



Last night at weigh in was the greatest night, EVER!! I finally broke thru the 59 lb roadblock!! I came in at 60.6 lbs now!  I got tired of staying in the same 3-5 lbs, so I started using the points tracker on e-tools and it really made a difference. I was cheating myself by not filling out the book correctly. So that 4.2 lbs loss proves it! I was so happy I squealed like a little pig when I saw Carol fill in the entry.

I have been in the worst mood lately, and I have no idea why. I hated going to work, I hated going home, I hated going to WW, I hated my life, and I even hated people! I told Randy & Angel that I was going to take Skeeter & Jack and go to some mountaintop & become a hermit. And they thought I was kidding! And wondered why I wasn’t going to take the other cats. Simple – Maggie is Randy’s cat & Chester is Angel’s. But it all came to a head Monday night & I sat down & cried. This of course completely drained me. So I went to bed early & I’ve been back to my normal happy self since! I’m convinced that attitude has helped with my weight loss.  I must have needed that little pity party.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling so much better that I decided to go shopping while Angel was at dance Wednesday night. I usually hate shopping, since it requires trying stuff on. I just went to the Salvation Army, so I don’t feel guilty re-donating it when it doesn’t fit anymore. But that place is a pain because nothing is sorted by size; you have to look thru everything. But I was only looking for pants, since I had exactly one pair that fit me right. I ended up with a cartful to try on. I had to stop and look when I saw the mirror in the dressing room. I was looking GOOooooooOOOOD! And I was pretty happy with most of what I tried on, so I just chose the nicest stuff. Came home with 3 pair of pants – 2 of which still had original store tags - and 3 skirts. It’s great! I had one pair of leggings that I loved, but are too big now. I found the exact same ones in a smaller size! MINE. I should have grabbed the other pair, too. Oh well.

Tomorrow night is Monster Jam at Ford Field - can't wait!  We didn't go last year even tho we had tickets because it snowed and the roads were exceedingly crappy.  It was safer to stay home and we watched the DVD compilation of all the years of Monster Jam at the Silverdome.

So we got Angel’s room painted last weekend. It’s not the lime green & turquoise she wanted, but it’s close enough and it’s pretty cool anyway. There are just a few things of hers left in the living room and that room should be back to normal. Maybe some day I’ll have a house where I can actually put things away. I was looking on and found my dream house – dream being the key word here. On Lake Hamilton outside Hot Springs. 7900 sq. foot.  5 bedrooms, 7 baths, 4+ car garage.  etc, etc.  Maybe one day …. 

Did I mention it was listed for $4.8 mil?

Yeah, anyway, back to reality.  I need to reboot some laundry & go load up the dishwasher.

Jack kissing the Doofus Bunny!

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