Friday, March 31, 2023

it's almost time!

The A to Z Challenge starts tomorrow!  
I'm pretty confident this one is not going to the same epic fail as the past years have been.  My posts are done - I just have to concentrate on visiting & commenting!

As a reminder - my theme was very easy to do. 
I was thinking of calling it "truck art" but the logos on some trucks (of all sizes - not just semis) are pretty basic.  But I guess art is in the eye of the beholder!  I did take some artistic license with some of them. too.

My difficult letters were (surprisingly) K and (not-surprisingly) Y.

See ya tomorrow with that!

Oooo - and another thing that I'm excited about...
I pre-ordered Def Leppard's new album - the one with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!  
I've heard Animal on the radio a few times and I watched the official video on FaceBook.  It's totally a remix, since they used footage from the video from 1987, but I don't care - it's super cool and I can't wait to hear Hysteria with the Orchestra!

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