Friday, March 18, 2022

Happy "Worm Moon"...?

I'm scraping for a post title here!  I missed out on a bunch of recent days that would have been good titles - 
March 1, the meteorological spring
Heck, Hello March in general!
3/13 was a Detroit thing (area code is 313 here)
3/14 was both Pi Day and would have been my Dad's 86th birthday

3/17 was St Patrick's Day...
and on that day in 1992 (30 years!!) I got on a bus and went to Downtown Detroit with a bunch of other people....raised my right hand and made the first step in one hell of a ride!
So that brings us to today.  March 18.  aka the "Worm Moon" - Tonight's full moon is thought to called that because the ground is warming up so earthworms are starting to appear.  Which indeed I did see a robin grab one when I took the Grandspawn out for a walk yesterday! 
It made it up to over 70* yesterday!!  
Random picture of a trucking company that I'm glad I don't work for!
This is a bakery in Ohio that supplies buns to Wendy's. 
The last weekend in February, we *finally* got to go see the Monster Trucks at Ford Field. 
I bought the tickets in January 2020 and it was postponed 4 times, thanks to Covid. 

BabyGirl did OK with her earmuffs.  LittleMan didn't like them at first, until he heard one of the trucks without them and it scared him.  So they stayed firmly on his melon for the rest of the night. 

You'd think after all these years of going to this event, the Spouse would remember that we need to get Downtown ~early~ if we want to go someplace to eat beforehand, especially when there's also a Red Wings game going on!  Needless to say, we missed close to half of the show.  But that's OK - the whole thing might have been much for the kids. 

March 6 was my niece's 1st wedding anniversary.  They had a backyard wedding last year, so they had their reception now.  It was a pretty fun time.  BabyGirl was totally overwhelmed by all the attention and noise and was screaming uncontrollably, so Spawn & the BabyDaddy left with her for a while, but LittleMan stayed with us - especially since he'd just met his first friend and we didn't want to take him away.  Another niece came up from Ohio and her little boy is 2 weeks older than LittleMan and they hit it right off. 
If this isn't the best pic of a little pair of partners in crime, I don't know what is!

So that's about it.  Tomorrow I'll be spending the day doing wilderness first aid with my SAR team, then we're getting together for the annual St. Pats "girls night out".  It's basically, Mom & the sisters (and me) & whatever nieces are available.  We wear all of our green & we'll go out to dinner, then we go back to Sis 1's house and we'll play games and drink some adult beverages.  We spend the night & we'll head home Sunday sometime.  It's a fun time.  Playing things like Cards Against Humanities with my 85+ year old mom is hysterical (and sometimes disturbing!!)  
I'm not doing an "official" Feline Friday post, but this would have been my contribution. 
Rusty is the Goodest Boi, when he's not being annoying, that is!

So anyway - its getting late and I haven't even started getting my stuff together for tomorrow - and I still want to watch RuPaul's Drag Race!  


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