Sunday, June 20, 2021

Summer in 3...2...1

Technically at 11:32 pm tonight, the summer solstice will be happening in the Eastern time zone!!
I'm having this go live at 11:31 - LOL!

Who am I kidding - I'm a wimp when it comes to the heat!  
We've got some storms rolling thru right now - bringing some much needed rain!  

Getting caught up from my "catching up" post....
In mid-May, I went on a "Girls' Only" 3 day weekend trip over to the west side of the state with my Mom & both sisters.  I won't rehash it here, but if you want to read about the weekend thru the eyes of Chuck the Skeleton, I posted about it on my Halloween blog... 
The other big news is that I'm going to be a Gramma again!  
Spawn is due mid-October.  We had a last-minute get together / gender reveal at Sis1's house and
It's a girl!  
Pretty sure BabyBoy has no clue what's going on, other than he was laying on her lap the other day and Mama's belly kicked him in the head!  
He has no fear whatsoever. 
1st ice cream!
My first purple coneflower of the spring!
I guess I won't be planting anything in that planter this year, since it's keeping him from digging in my other plants!
We had a family reunion a couple weekends ago. 
The lake was a big hit!
Watch out for crocs, tho!
One of my cousins was pretty smart - she lives out of state and came in to basically meet everyone - she walked up and announced "Hi, I'm Linda - I'm Bill's oldest daughter" - so we all knew who she was - LOL!

So we had quite the awkward last couple days.  In April or May, Spawn's bio dad / my ex told her he was going to come up to visit (he lives in Texas) June.  OK.  I never thought anything more about it until I was doing my thing at work on June 2 - and he suddenly popped into my head...June when???

It ended up being this weekend, which I didn't put 2 & 2 together until I told the Spouse and he commented about it being Father's Day.  Whoops!   Anyway, it was a really bad week for him to be here.  I had to work late every day this week because the only other person in my department was on vacation and I had SAR training most of Saturday.  But I figured, oh well - he wasn't really here to see me!  She can entertain him.   He showed up here Thursday afternoon.  

Friday I get a text from the Spawn asking what she was supposed to do with him all day?  LOL!  We (all of us) ended up going to Downtown Detroit Friday night and walked close to 5 miles. 
We enjoyed the Riverwalk and breezes off the Detroit River. 
BabyBoy got to ride the carousel in Rivard Plaza. 
Chuck got to do the YMCA.
We didn't actually see the Detroit Mounted Police this time, but we saw their rig!

We wanted to take the Ex to dinner at someplace that was uniquely Detroit and sadly, Hockeytown Cafe was closed, so we went to Buddy's Pizza instead.
Buddy's happens to be near Comerica Park & Ford Field!  
We couldn't be that close without showing him the big Tiger!

We kind of regretted parking where we did, since it was over a mile back to the car.  Spouse & Spawn were both hurting.   But the Ex definitely got to experience Detroit (in a good way)!  
Looking up at the Renaissance Center, aka the General Motors World Headquarters. 
Training Saturday was basically a refresher of what we learned when we did got SARTECH II certified, since the 2 newest members will be finishing up their certifications next weekend.  We did some land navigation with compasses, area & grid searches, tied some knots and even 2 of the K9s came out to play.  
We all love this picture - it looks like some sort of hillbilly metal music album cover.  
Our Father's Day was pretty low key.  The Ex came by to say goodbye, he was heading home.  Spouse did some much needed work on Spawn's car and we took him out to dinner. 

So that's basically all what's going on here.  Next week is back to work normal hours & I'm going to get my second vaccine shot after work.  I had a nasty reaction to the first one - fever, chills, nausea, etc - hope this one is better!  I wonder if that's because I've already actually HAD covid?  Guess I'll find out - I won't mind being "sick" on Tuesday! 

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