Sunday, June 13, 2021

Catching up....

I'm still here!!  

I apparently started a post back on May 8 and only managed to get pics uploaded, so I'll go ahead & make this go live. 
The township put down new wood chips around the playgrounds at the park!
Sis & I went for a 10 mile horseback ride!
I already miss those days when we had to wear coats!
My blood is too thick for this 85+ degree stuff we've been having! 
We were estimating 7 miles - we were way off!
My tiny daffodils are so cute!
One's first corn on the cob requires an extended pinky!
Poor Chuck!
I had a giggle at the grocery store when I saw this personal sized pizza.
A very classy way to ask trucking companies to haul your freight! 

So yeah - I'll get caught up here soon with a real post. 
We're all doing fine here!

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