Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's Timmy T'ursday! Episode 1

I've seen a lot of people who have "coffee posts" where they chat about random topics that might come up if you're were having coffee together.   In fact I was supposed to link up with one this week (or was it last week??)  but obviously failed, so I'll do my own!  
Until I make an official graphic, enjoy these donuts!

I give credit to the name of this post to my darling hubby - since he always stops at Tim Horton's for coffee on his way into work on Thursday mornings.   And he calls it Timmy T'ursday.
I have another new great-nephew!  My nephew & his bride welcomed Cameron David on 9/12.  Just a couple days shy of their 1st anniversary, too!   I don't know if I should post pics, but he's the cutest freakin' nugget ever!   
OMG, This struck a chord in me.  It's an article about why so many veterans / active duty people feel uncomfortable when told Thank You For Your Service.   My go-to answer is thanks, it was an adventure!
Speaking of veterans - I volunteered last weekend at this thing called Freedom Fest at the local community college.  It was basically a lot of information and resources to "celebrate patriotism & military service".  I was there with my VFW.  I'm sure they wanted Jim & I there, since we're among the youngest ones at the post.  But I'm pretty sure the building could have burnt down around us when Scott was telling us about being in Vietnam.  I couldn't imagine what all he went thru.  I honestly feel honored to be allowed to be a member of a club next to these guys!
Once I got home from Freedom Fest, Randy & I got to serve eviction notices to a couple unwelcome visitors in our shed.....
yes, we had both a raccoon AND a possum in there!  
Looking at the bright side of this episode.... all of my Halloween stuff that had been stored in there is now out & cleaned up a few days earlier than planned (was gonna do that this weekend) 
We also tore off the rotted / warped / moss-stained doors to the shed and pulled up the disgusting indoor/outdoor carpet and used the leaf-blower to get rid of literal drifts of pinecone shrapnel that are probably left from the damn squirrel that was in there last year.  Now the frame is painted and we have to cut down the new panels to make replacement doors. 
 Sunday I went riding with sister Laurie & some friends. 
 Yesterday I got my Secret Reaper package!  This is a Halloween gift exchange and we are assigned a "victim" and we are someone else's victim.  It's fun!  We submit a list of likes & dislikes so our "reaper" has an easier time shopping.  I got a selection of pumpkins for my pumpkin patch in the cemetery, a Frankenstein nutcracker, a Dracula cape and 4 yards of black fabric.
Since I didn't get any pics of Angel in her dance costumes at the studio last spring, I've been doing them myself, taking her to interesting places around town.  We still have 2 more costumes to do, and once those are done, I'll make a post with all of them.  I'm happy with them so far!  

So that's all for now - we'll have to get together again next week!



  1. That picture of Angel is beautiful - I love how you took it out and about and not just at the studio. The Halloween exchange is so fun; love the idea of a 'victim' as your swap partner. :)


    1. Thanks! It's been fun trying to find cool places to get unique shots.


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