Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Let's get cozy!

I finally caught one of the fun linkups from The Blended Blog!  I always seem to find them like a week later and then it's just weird to join in, so I don't. 

Since as far as I'm concerned, it's fall (altho Mother Nature begs to differ) so let's get cozy!
1.  Slippers: yes or no?  In the winter, hell yes!  The floors in my house are freezing!  When it's warm out, I could take them or leave them.

2.  My favorite blanket?  This little lightweight plaid throw I got from JoAnn Fabrics a couple years ago.  It's perfect for in the car or wherever. 

3.  Thick or thin pillow?  Kinda in the middle, I think.  I have a feather pillow and it starts out nice, but then flattens & I have to fold it.  And then get stabbed with feathers.  I really want to check into those "cooling" pillows since I hate when my head sweats at night.

4.  Favorite warm beverage?  Hot chocolate, I think.  Or anything you can mix booze into! 

5.  Robe: yes or no?  I only wear it when I get out of the shower, so the bathrobe that I have is one that I bought to wear in the hospital when Miss Angela was born.  She's gonna be 21 at then end of this month.... so it's pretty threadbare.  

6.  Favorite comfort / snack food(s)?  Hmm.  This is honestly a tough one!  I don't have any ONE thing that's my comfort go-to.  If I had to choose something it would probably be ice cream.   Maybe popcorn.

7.  Movies or TV series binge?  Meh.  I'm not big on either.  But I'd go for TV series over movies. 

8.  Actual PJs or leggings?  What? To sleep in?  Nightshirt.  I hate having anything around my legs when I sleep.  But to just veg in?  I have a comfy pair of Detroit Red Wings red plaid flannel lounge pants that are awesome. 

9.  Cozy up on the couch or chair?  I really wish we had a set of recliners!  But if we can get the kid off the couch, we do occasionally sit in the living room, but usually we watch TV in bed.  Well, Randy does while I play games on my Kindle or phone. 

10.  Hoodie, T-shirt or Sweater?  Sweater at work (year round) and Hoodie the rest of the time. 

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