Friday, June 15, 2018

Just popping in!

All is well & good here at the Love Shaque.  

Busy - which is why I haven't been around!  

The Spawn & I leave next Thursday for Orlando and I'm starting to feel the crunch of all that I need to do, both at home and at work.  

Tonight is dress rehearsal for the recital & tomorrow is the actual recital.  I stopped into the studio last night and caught the mock election results (Angel is the "Super" Senior - heehee!)  and all the parents there were invited in to watch Girl Power (hiphop) and the way the teacher "motivated" the girls is by telling them that it was the last time they'd be doing this dance in this studio AND they would be doing it in front of the very people who are paying for them to go to Nationals. 

Yet another bittersweet moment.

So I need to get busy if I want to leave a bit early from work today.  I'll leave you with the awesome video that one of the teachers at the studio made of all the dances she choreographed this year.  You'll see Angel's solo in there in her burgundy dress.  
Watch & enjoy.  

On the plus side - once I get home from Florida, I'll have lots of blog posts! 

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