Monday, December 11, 2017

Still not feeling it!

So this sums up how I'm feeling about the whole Christmas thing right now. 
I actually have a small porcelain Angel that would fit on this smaller tree perfectly - but as a joke I put this hat on it and it's stayed.  Miss Angela knows its there & is entertained by it, not sure if Randy knows....

I still don't have my nutcrackers in the house.  I barely have any shopping done. 
The snowman countdown wall-hanging is out, as well at my Nativity Scene - so that'll have to do for decor! 
However the tree IS decorated (finally! as of last night)
It's just not in this picture. 
Funny that Rusty ignored the tree until I sat down on the floor near it to sort thru the ornaments (choosing the non-breakable variety, which means a lot of my favorites didn't even get to come out ~sniff!).  Then he suddenly realized there was a soft & warm fleece tree skirt under there!  And he napped under the tree until I hung that deer ornament!  I watched him try to sniff it then his mouth opened to bite it and I told him NO!  So he kept pushing it around with his nose. 
But so far, so good.  Nothing seems to be amiss. 
This year's Asshole Santa.  The bulb is perfectly fine, it just doesn't want to stay lit. 
The last 2 years, the title of Asshole belonged to the little Santa in front. 
The final product!
Randy says the tomato cage trees on each side of the door look like fangs.  
Maybe I should hang a wreath with lights inside the door so it has a nose!
So winter has finally gotten here.  
We've got a couple inches out there already.  
Luckily powdery snow is easy to shovel! 
Saturday night was my company Christmas party.  It was nice.  It's been held the past couple years at a fancy Italian restaurant.  The food is excellent & we always get a nice bottle of red wine with a beautiful carving on the bottle. 
This year they did a raffle & I won a gift card to yet another fancy Italian restaurant.  We've never been to this other place, so it'll be a nice date night. 

The evening's entertainment was a take on the 12 Days of Christmas, but instead it was the 12 Days of Rossisms.  Ross, the owner of the company, as all these phrases that he uses all the time, so our Director of Operations took 12 (and it was tough to help her choose just 12!) and turned it into the song and recruited a bunch of us to sing it.  It ended up being quite hilarious and he absolutely loved it!
 Wednesday I'm going shopping with Mom & the sisters at Bronners ("the Christmas Wonderland").  Linda is coming by with Mom at like 7:30am and we'll go get Laurie, then hopefully be there when they open at 9.  It'll be a fun trip, I think!  Besides the huge store - the grounds are beautiful to walk around.  Too bad it's supposed to be so darn cold! 

Anyhooooo, signing off for the evening! Angel insisted on going over to the boy friend's house so I told her to take clothes, since I didn't want her out driving in this mess.  He lives in a huge McMansion on the other side of town and is an only child, so I'm 110% certain she's got her own room over there.  And I know his mom thinks she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, so I'm certain she's safe over there.  Randy's over there comfortable on the bed with multiple cats, watching TV, so I think I'll join him!


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  1. We don't have any Christmas decorations up yet either and I haven't done any shopping since I started my job at Michaels I have less time for things. I'm not exactly Bah Humbug but I just don't feel like making such a huge mess anymore. I have lots of decorations up in the storage area and they are staying there one more year. Maybe next year.


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