Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas at the Love Shaque

I may be all Bah Humbug this year, but decorating has indeed happened!  
Just don't ask me about shopping or wrapping.....
 I've shared this picture of the outside of the house already. 

But the nutcrackers have appeared!  And ya know what??  I've put close to half back in the totes and sent them back to the garage.  Where did I put them all before???
The girls.  
 The police squad. 
The Sailors (and Uncle Sam)
 Some of my favorite "occupational" nutcrackers. 
I love my hockey guys & especially the totem pole made of farm animals! 
Selfie with Santa at Walmart! 
So here's our Charlie brown-looking tree this year.  It's actually not bad now that we actually have decorations on it.  You can still tell how really small it is, tho.  I was really selective with the ornaments, because cats.  So a lot of my favorite, more sentimental, ornaments we taken out, admired, and sadly placed back into the box.   

On the plus side.... I'm thinking the smallness of the tree is discouraging the cats from messing with it.  I have seen naps happening underneath it, but no real evidence of tampering. 
 I got this from the Johnson Space Center in Houston last spring. 
 Why shouldn't a dancer be right next to a semi?
 The token "Love" ornaments, the pie lady & if you look close directly to the right of the Love - there's a spider.  Have you ever heard of the Legend of the Christmas Spider?
Because I'm married to an Arkie....

I have a special ornament tree for all of my Tim Horton's ornaments 
(and 2 from Dunkin Donuts).  
Kinda miffed they don't seem to have any this year and the DD ones are Elf on a Shelf.  

And another tree for all my Detroit Red Wings ornaments...

I thought it would be fun to link up with Terri at Our Good Life, showing off our trees.
Pop on over & check out some gorgeous trees!


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  1. Wow, that's a lot of nutcrackers! I'm still debating on whether or not to get a live tree or use our "Charlie Brown" tree from the past couple of years. I really love the smell of the fresh ones though so maybe we'll get a small one. It is too close to Christmas now for me to want a huge one.


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