Monday, June 3, 2013

Memory Lane

 My niece Lisa graduated from high school Sunday.  So my sisters insisted on posing with her by the school sign, since we all graduated from CHS !!  Along 2 of the hallways, they have class composite photos of every graduating class since 1952, so we had to go along and find everyone (we have 2 brothers who weren't here in between Linda & I) and make fun of hairstyles & such. 

Class of '91, '13, '80, '78

Friday night I dug thru my photo boxes and pulled out a bunch of old photos of  Lisa so they can put on a display board at her grad party next month.  

Out of the stack I found (and it was hard finding ones of just her, since majority of them she was with Angel!) these are my favorites.  And some of these will probably show back up for Angel's party in a couple years! 

 I love this one!  I swear this is straight off the camera, no editing!

 Salvation Army wedding dresses.

 Thanksgiving 2011
I was trying to get Princess's attention (who Angel was riding) but Captain was more interested.

Lisa was 7 and Angel was 5

It can be confusing when there are 2 people with the same name so close in the family.  I'm sure my old teachers were somewhat confused when they saw another Lisa Owens come thru their classes!   

I was in the Persian Gulf when Lisa was born.  I remember standing in the hanger bay of the USS Lincoln, being in charge of a working party, unloading mail off a plane and lugging it across the ship to the mail sorting room.  Working in the post office, we got to get our mail first.  One day I got her birth announcement and almost cried like a little girl when I saw they named her after me.  Everything thought something was horribly wrong until I could actually speak! 

Congrats to all of this year's graduates!

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