Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day, post 2

I couldn't blabber on about my weekend after that last post!

We'd broke down and got some estimates on new roofs (rooves?) on both the house & garage, after part of the garage roof (after leaking in several places all winter) decided to fall in.  

There was no way Randy or I were going to take our fat butts onto the roof, so we sent Miss Angela up there to help spread the tarp.  Here's a good look at how horrible the garage looked!  There was no tarpaper or anything under the shingles on both the house and garage.  We were lucky the house wasn't leaking.  

We liked the second guy who came to give an estimate, so we went with him.  We had to laugh that one of the first things I heard was "There ain't no Mexicans on my crew!"  Apparently one of the other guys who gave an estimate only hires Mexicans (for less $$) and is afraid of heights, so he will not go onto the roof himself.  Funny!  But Paul also uses made in the USA items whenever possible.  Awesome.  Listening to him talk, and seeing his work ethic, he reminded me a lot of my Dad.  More awesome.

Paul stopped by last Wednesday to pick up the deposit check and told us he'd had a cancellation, so he could start Friday if we wanted.  OK!!  The dumpster was dropped off before 7 on Friday morning.  Since we'd already planned on renting a dumpster for the annual garage cleaning, Paul said he'd order a larger one than they would need and leave it here a few extra days for us to use, too!  

 This was taken this evening.  Roofing stuff filled about 2/3 of it, we filled the rest! 

 Randy sent me this photo Friday at 9:15 am.

 It's hard to see in the shade, but the front, 
original part of the house is made of horizontal slats.  

 This is from the back, looking toward the street. 
That one strip of black on each side was the only under-layment on the whole roof. 

 My poor hostas got murdered.  :(

 Looking good!

 The cats were not thrilled with the noise & people walking around above them.  
Maddie hid most of the time & Chester wandered from window to window, looking concerned. 

 Shingles made in Joplin, MO and the aluminum for all the trim made in the USA! 

So pretty!  We still have to paint the wood fascia and 
the gutter guys will be here Friday to install our new gutters & downspouts. 

 This is the add-on behind the garage (extra storage!)  I told Randy it looks like it got it's hair did and now needs a new dress (aka paint job).  Paul even installed the tripod for antennas and a pipe to run wires thru. 


So the roofers were done with the garage by 4ish on Friday, but were here til 9:30 pm doing the house Saturday.  There was a lot of rot in the front of the house that no one expected and had to be taken care of, which set them back a bit. Plus, they had to work around 2 antennas of Randy's while doing the trim. 

Sunday we finally got to work inside the garage.  We had a lot of stuff covered with tarp to protect from excessive sawdust, but there was still a lot to clean up.  I love that each year we do this, Randy finally gets rid of more old wire / old electronics / books / papers / computer stuff.  I was so proud of him & told him so many times.   Of course, when he waffled about something, I sweetly offered to help him decide....then grabbed it & run to the dumpster & chucked it!!

  2 obsolete college textbooks GONE!!!

 Oh my!  We apparently stirred up some ghosts!  

 This afternoon - it started to rain.  Once we got stuff in off the patio, 
we sat in lawn chairs with beverages & watched the roof not leak! 

 It's hard to tell that we got rid of so much stuff & 
condensed a LOT into smaller boxes and totes. 

I made sure to put all my flags out.

I was surprised when I called to make myself an eye appointment and was able to get in today!  I'm also glad that Randy went with me, since they dilated my eyes and they were so sensitive to light for several hours that there was no way I could drive. I really was not happy to hear the eye doctor note that I'd be 40 in a couple months and that I've reached the age that reading small print at work is only going to get worse.  Then mentioned reading glasses to go over my contacts!!!  Hell To The NO!!  But I don't need them yet.  He did show me how much better it could be, but I can suffer for another year or 10 with just contacts or just my regular glasses. 

Then we had lunch and met the family at the cemetery to visit Dad.  Someone went by before we got there and told Mom & Laurie that there were coffee & cookies in the office.  Truly a place I want to sit & visit - amongst the headstone & urn samples. 

So that was our weekend.  Thankfully it was cool so the roofers didn't bake on the roof and it was pleasant out working in the garage.  And it's raining again so the new shingles are getting christened. 

So what all did you do this weekend?


  1. Wow, that was quite an undertaking for one weekend! I love that you sat in the garage and watched the roof NOT leak. :) We finished off the rental property we have been working on for three months. THAT was a huge relief!

    Just dropping in from the A to Z Road Trip. Hi!

    1. It is such a huge relief to have it all done & put back together - I can't imagine working on something for 3 months! Congrats to you!

  2. Interesting to see how it is done over in the US but even in th eUK it's not somthing I want to try offten. Passing through on my roadtrip


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