Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Spring!

 Yeah, I know it's been around for a while.  I've been on a blogging break for a while, after the A-Z Challenge.  Plus it's been crazy around here with getting ready for the dance recital & and all that entails. 

I'm such a wonderful mom!  In mid-April, Miss Angela somehow hurt her wrist in her acro class. So she's been wearing the brace she got when she sprained it last year. The following 2 weekends she had dance comps and in one of her dances, she does 2 back walk-overs.  THEN I finally took her in for x-rays.  They were not happy with me for allowing her to compete but I had taken her word that she was able to do it.  And she did!  Come to find out she pulled a ligament and was told to keep the brace on.  Damn if this kid didn't go into acro the very next weekend and tried to do an aerial (with the philosophy that since she had on her brace, it would encourage her not to touch the mat).  Nope, she didn't touch the mat. She full out punched the damn thing!  And the proceeded to try it 3 more times, hitting her hand each time!!!  So she left the studio in tears, with a bag of ice on her already purple, swollen knuckles.  I'm NOT taking her to class tomorrow!! 

Wednesday was pictures at the studio, which is an insane time!  It makes for a really long day.  The studio is tiny and they have the photographer's display table set up, one for them to do paperwork on, and 2 changing areas for the girls all in the lobby and the photographs actually being taken in the dance room.  It truly amazes me how many girls on the comp team showed up and forgot things like earrings, necklaces, tights, shoes.  This was not a surprise event, people! We all knew about it for months!  Put your crap together the night before!  But anyway, I can't wait to see them.  

Angel was so funny.  She wore her lyrical costume & kombat (with a K!) boots to Subway to get food.  Then wore one of her jazz costumes across the street to the party store to get a pop.  Then wore her other jazz costume with the boots to get ice cream on the way home. 

Randy is off in Dayton this weekend for the ginormous Hamvention that goes on every year.  Angel is over at a friend's house for the night, so I'm enjoying the peace & quiet here at home.  Chester is on the floor by my feet, I think he's waiting for me to go to bed so he can snuggle.  Miss Maddie is probably over on Randy's pillow, since that's where she's been most of the time since he's been gone. 

I think I may give in to the Puss In Boots eyes that are looking at me, so I'll sign off with some of my favorite spring-time pics from my yard!

I love that the lilac has grown up into the crabapple & they bloom at the same time!

 I don't know where this tulip came from.  I've never had one that color before!
Not complaining, tho!


 Cherry blossoms!

And Miss Angela on the garage roof, helping to pull a tarp over the leaks.  We got some estimates & will be having both the house & garage roofs replaced, since whoever built these used a crew of deranged monkeys & must have paid off any inspectors. 

Happy Weekend & how about those Wings?  I will be watching game 2 tomorrow!


  1. I love that picture of the lilacs in the crabapple! It looks like something for a Japanese garden.

    Dayton? My Dad talked about going there once, but I doubt that he will, he never has been fond of flying, and with all the safety "stuff" you have to go through, having a radio in baggage would probably set off a panic!

    Family of hams here, Dad first, then myself, met my husband via ham radio, and Mom very begrudgingly decided to become a ham, I think possibly just to shut us up! ;)


    1. We live about 4 hours from Dayton, so hubby & some friends drive every year. Luckily I've been involved in dance-mommy stuff so I haven't had to go, altho I would like to go people watch. I was like your mom, Randy installed an antenna on my car and I drove around with it for 2 years before I finally decided to take the technician test, to humor him. I'm not anywhere near as involved in contesting & stuff as he is. I do some volunteer stuff for the county & at smaller events, but nothing crazy.


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