Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miss Clawson, 2012

We went to watch my niece Lisa (aka Lulu) compete in the Miss Clawson Pageant last night.

It was kind of neat.  We'd never had a reason to go to this before.  I remember helping a friend of mine prepare for this when I was in school, but for some reason I never went to cheer her on.  They were 5 girls going for Miss Clawson and 9 going for Junior Miss Clawson.  They were judged mainly on a personal interview, the introduction, casual wear, formal wear and a final question.  They had to write a story, write a poem, be ready to act in a commercial (either one already on TV, or make up their own), the final question was random & they had to come up with an answer on the spot.  They also could get a whole host of other awards - Miss Congeniality, most photogenic, academic achievement, etc.  They all took home an army of trophies.

 Lisa & my niece Catie's boyfriend as her escort in the formal wear competition.
(Forgive the crappines of the pics - Angel had my camera)

 All of the contestants. 

4th runner up for Miss Clawson
3rd place - Most Promising Poet
3rd place - Best Author
2nd place - Best Actress
1st place - Outstanding talent 
1st place - Best Artist
1st place - Community Service Volunteer
Crystal Award (I think this was from the choreographer)
Participation Trophy
the "Most Swaggerific" award. 

If they're going to give out all of these, they need to assign boxes!!  It's a good thing there were so many of us there to watch, since both Laurie & I carried an armful out to the car. 

It was an enjoyable night - except for one of the contestants.  The girl in the green dress.  Man, I don't know what was up her butt, but her attitude gradually got worse as the night went on.  Lisa said she was one of the few (like her) who hadn't been competing since she was 5 for one of the Clawson pageants.  They were each given a participation trophy right away and some flowers.  She went back to her spot & tossed the flowers onto the floor.  When someone else went to get a trophy, she would roll her eyes and clap slowly like 3 times.  When she went to get a trophy, she'd go back to her spot and just drop it, not set it nicely on the floor like everyone else.  She ended up being the 2nd runner up for Jr. Miss and when the winner was crowned, you could read her lips saying the other girl was a bitch!!  I think the judges should have ripped that sash right off her & gave it to someone who would appreciate it!  She didn't even stick around for pictures with everyone else afterward.   One word for her - LOUSY!

But anyway, it was a crazy late night.  The pageant started at 7 & Miss Clawson wasn't even crowned until after 11.  Then she had to do her "walk" with her crown, sash & scepter around the stage.  And then the many zillions of pictures & photo ops afterward. 

Poor Angel was starving (I'm thinking growth spurt, since she's been eating like there's no tomorrow!) so all of us ended up going to a bar & grille to get food.  Mmm, burgers while watching UFC fights - appetizing!  But the food was good & we finally got home close to 2.  I haven't been out driving around that late in a long time!
Angel told me I didn't have to worry about her ever wanting to do something like this.
She'd happily stick with dancing. 
She's going to get her 5 year award at the studio this year 
& she's concerned about where she's going to put that one trophy! 

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