Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy 15th of February!

Yay!  It's over!!!

If I had to sum up Valentine's Day in one would be DISAPPOINTING.  I was told Monday night that my darling husband didn't get me anything, except for {this} and gave me a kiss.  And that he wasn't going to take me out to dinner until this weekend because of the crowds - and he knew I'd be OK with that because . . . I'm practical like that. Cue raised eyebrows and incredulous expression!  So I sat at work all day yesterday, seeing various co-workers trot by with their huge bouquets and having to smell said bouquets, knowing damn well the only way I'd get one is to go buy it myself.    Throw in some PMS mood swings & it made for a really freakin' delightful day.  Oh yeah - and avoiding FaceBook for the same reasons!

So anyway. On a happier note.....Planning is going well on the April A-Z Challenge!!  I have already chosen a topic for each day for each blog, and in a couple cases, started writing & pre-scheduling the posts!  There are a couple that I'm not entirely happy with... but I still have time to come up with alternate topics. 

And even a happier note - how about those Red Wings????  Last night was home win #21 for an NHL record!!!

OK - I just got my belated gift.....a mini mouse for my laptop with a retractable cord!  Guess I can give him the 1 lb Snickers bar that I found for him!  LOL

Have a great day!

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