Sunday, March 20, 2011


It’s almost Spring, it’s almost Spring! We saw the first robins last Sunday! Woohoo! Now I see them everywhere & am perfectly happy about that! I don’t think I saw any juncos out under the feeder today, so maybe they’re gone!

The only crocus out there so far!  It's not even as big as a dime, but it's there! 

So last weekend we had our 2nd annual “Girls’ Night Out – St. Patrick’s Edition”. Yes – we actually celebrated ~before~ the day this year! Last year we looked like a bunch of retards going into the Village Grille the weekend after, all in our St. Pats gear. We decided that this place now sucks badly & won’t be going there anymore. The rather surly waitress came out & gave us menus, then proceeded to tell us what all they DON’T have anymore. Hello? And gave us a dirty hand-written pizza menu. Real classy. Then when we tried to order, they didn’t have feta cheese for the Greek salad, didn’t have rye bread for the Rueben, etc, etc, etc. So for our next gathering, we shall take our decorations & go elsewhere.


OMG, it was so fun! The snow was starting to melt, but there were still a couple inches at Laurie’s house, so she hitched Princess up to a sled & pulled us around. It was a riot! We had a few green beers & when we got home from dinner, we sat around & watched Wedding Crashers. That was the extent of our party weekend. And a couple Chinese fire drills, too.  Woooo.

Angel was getting style points. 
I was more cautious.

That was it for my St. Pat’s celebration. I got home from work Monday & had to stop myself from taking decorations down. Then when the 17th rolled around, I had to force myself to dress up. I have a reputation to uphold at work, so I couldn’t not show my Irish. I borrowed one of Angel’s turquoise hair extensions & she put it in for me.
Green beer!

So now everything is down, along with the “winter” stuff and I realized I don’t have much by way of Spring decorations. Ooops. Easter, yes. Spring, no. Shopping trip!!!

I gained some points on my “Cool Mom” status. The Thursday before we went to Laurie’s I bleached streaks into Angel’s hair & Friday as soon as I got home from work, I dyed those blonde streaks turquoise. We went to a beauty supply store & got the stuff and advice on how to do it. The girl at Sally’s told me that her hair was still too dark & needed to be bleached before the color would show. Alrighty! Good news is….she loves it! Granted the turquoise is already fading & it’s a lovely shade of light green on the ends, but she’s happy. And it should be washed out before her competition next month! If not, I’ll just get some of that color remover that is available. And if that doesn’t work….we’ll have to get drastic and color all her hair. But those are Plans B & C.

Blonder streaks

The finshed product.

From the back.

So yes, I went back to Weight Watchers on the 3rd. Why the hell did I start the week before Lent? It was so hard avoiding paczkis!! I did have one Sunday so I could stay away from them on Fat Tuesday. I lost 2.6 lbs the first week, but gained .6 back the second. GNO was a bad thing for me. That & my TOM arriving all conspired against me. I’m sticking pretty good since, tho. I had to go to the meeting location by work since my place didn’t have the new calculators & neglected to tell me that they didn’t know when they’d be getting any more in. I got one of the last 2 & this lady told me that their supplier is overseas, so that’s why they’re scarce now! So I will treasure this damn thing!

We had real, legit drama here yesterday!! Angel & Amanda had gone down to the corner store. Apparently on the way back to Amanda’s, they got into an altercation with 3 10th grade boys. The boys were calling them uncalled-for names & threw lit cigarettes at them! One even has a mooning problem. Knocked over the girls' bikes & generally scared the crap out of them. I hurried up & went over to Amanda’s & followed them back to our house, since they were afraid the boys would steal their bikes. If they would have been outside, I would have turned them into speed bumps! But they were down at another kid’s house, apparently watching the girls. Luckily Randy got home soon after & he got the whole story from them. One of the boys lives across the street from us!! He was there, but he didn’t do anything to them. Lucky!!  So Randy & the girls went over and had a chat with Corey’s dad. A few minutes later, he came over & apologized for his friends. His mom was almost in tears!! After that, I bet he went & beat up his friends for getting him in trouble!  I'm so glad that Randy has skills to talk to people.

OMG, we literally have to exorcise (and ban) all Monsters from our house! Not the kind that live under beds, but the kind that comes in a can! Angel was so hyped up on that crap last night that we were glad to ship her off to Amanda’s house for the night. Sheesh! She was so hyper & absolutely could not control her volume. OK, use your inside voice!!

Sheesh, my heart goes out to all those people in Japan! Crazy!  There are no words.  The only tragedy left to happen to them is for Godzilla to appear!  Then tonight I saw where our fine US & British navies are shooting Tomahawk missiles into Libya!!  Wow.  Moammar Qaddafi needs to watch out.  If he keeps taking Aretha Franklin's hats, she's going to kick his ass!

Alrighty. Time to go watch some Jeff Foxworthy with my man! Later!

LOOK!  A bed that a body can actually sleep in!!

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