Friday, January 28, 2011

the "Honeymoon Phase"

Just enjoying some peace & quiet before going to pick Angel up from Emaly’s house later. Randy & Ted went up north to work at the Sno-drift Rally, which is a rally car race, but on snow & ice. I made him take my camera. Guess the comm. people needed some input on how to improve their set up. At first they were going to just check things out, but I think they’re going to be more involved than expected.

Back when I was doing Weight Watchers, my leader would occasionally mention Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone as another source to help with our weight loss journey. I’d use the site to look up points values for restaurants & signed up for the newsletters, but never really read them all the way thru. The latest newsletter caught my attention (issue 112 from 1/22/11). They had an article about the Honeymoon Phase & it kind of hit home! They talk about what it is and how to keep it. I discovered I really like their articles & journals (Dotti’s & her husband Al) - they’re real people with real issues & have a great sense of humor. Anyway…I joined their message boards & stuff and will really get more involved after March 10 – which is my target date to rejoin WW!!! It will be exactly 5 months from when I went “on sabbatical” which sounds better than “when I quit” – LOL!! Dotti also talks about these hypnosis CDs that she uses to help keep her head straight. So I ordered them. I checked into them a bit & they have a BBB A+ rating, plus you can pay all at once, or break it into 3 payments. And there’s a one year money back guarantee. So what the heck?? Can’t hurt to try! Those were the CDs I was downloading. They also threw in one on mental toughness that I think Randy might benefit from. With all the BS he’s going thru at work… yeah.

I really should be transplanting some plants – Telly’s had Christmas cactuses for $.99 !!! So I got another. I hope its red like the tag says. Plus 2 lime green philodendrons. Love them & they’re fairly easy to grow. I actually could be doing all sorts of stuff, but instead I’m here downloading some CDs onto my iPod & blogging.

Monday I was annoyed with both Randy & Angel. They are so much alike in their stubbornness it makes me crazy. Not even going into details or I’d be here all night & my fingers would be nubs. Anyway, she was at dance & Randy was at home so I ran a couple errands & stopped in the Salvation Army. I was on a quest for some non-black pants for work. Ended up with a black skirt instead (rolling eyes – but it’s WARM!!!) and I also found what I thought was the creepiest doll I’d ever seen. I even had her covered up in the basket so she couldn’t look at me. Then I got her home and decided she really isn’t that creepy after all. Anyway, my plan is to zombify her but as I looked closer, I don’t want to make her over-the-top nasty. I’m going for a more elegant Goth look, if possible.


She’s actually handmade. Her body is linen stuffed with some kind of dark stuff & her entire head (not just her face) is porcelain, along with her lower arms & legs. Her head had been broken at one time and the crack along her one cheek has some small chips missing, so it almost looks like a scar. It broke cleanly across the other side of her face & the back of her head – you can hardly see the damage. So far, I’ve gotten her dress washed & I plan to dye it black this weekend. I posted a question on Halloween Forum to find out what kind of paint to use on her face to keep the beautiful smooth porcelain look. Acrylic wouldn’t look as nice. I want to do a really super pale gray skin tone, darker gray eyes and black lips.

Alrighty – peace & quiet is gone. The inevitable happened – Angel was at friend’s house, now friend is here for the night. I’m OK with it. Emaly is a pretty good kid. Very polite. She’ll text my phone & ask nicely if Angel can text. They played on the Wii for a while & they’ve already settled down with a movie. I won’t let them stay up late – Angel’s got dance at 0830 and she’s already expecting a stop at Tim Horton’s on the way.

I started a small blowmold collection! I went on eBay out of boredom & scored! I straight up bought the Halloween totem pole. I bid for & won the toy soldier. I won a bidding war in the last seconds for the stack of bunnies (& I will love that thing, just for that reason! I fought for it!!) then I bought another toy solider. 2 have already shipped, so they should start arriving soon.

The other toy solider is slightly taller with a white cover. Easy enough to paint!

OMG, Laurie called me before I left for work last Friday (causing a moment of panic!!) and told me that she won 4 tickets from a radio station for a “Bachelorette Bash” at this bar in Washington Twp. So of course it was me, Linda & Catie who went with her. It was pretty fun. It was a fund raiser for the Michigan Burn Camp & put on by different fire departments. There was a guy auction, with a couple firemen, a DJ from the radio station & a couple other random guys. We ran into cousins Naomi & Janet there and we were all going to pool our $$ to buy Laurie a guy. We ended up not needing to, because she won a gift basket from Pure Romance full of lotions & interesting toys (we opened the wrapping to look while she was getting her reading!) So she was all set for the weekend!! There were some tables set up with stuff to sell; Pure Romance & Naughty Time Novelty, etc. We also got a free 4 minute psychic reading.

That was the neatest thing! I shuffled the tarot cards & thought of 3 questions, then she read my palm. The first thing she said was that I’d been in a relationship for a long time. Yup. Right about 9 years now! Then she asked if I had 2 kids. Uhhh no. then she said I was going to play a big part in another child’s life, possibly a grandchild (I hope not for a LONG time!!) She said I was intelligent, creative & I don’t sugarcoat what I’m thinking (LOL!! She hit that on the nose!) I’d asked about Randy’s job and she said it was not a good fit for him and now is the best time for him to be looking for a new one. I asked about Angel, if she’d ever do well in school. She saw that Angel is very active and said that academics are not her forte but whatever she chooses to do in life, she’ll do well. Whew!  I don’t think I ever thought of a 3rd question. She asked me to tell her about the move in the next year. Ummm, there isn’t one that I know of, but we’re OK with it if it happens! She said it was a good opportunity for us. Then she wanted to know if I had any health problems. Nope, I’m pretty healthy. She said she saw issues with my legs or hips. I do have occasional bouts of my knee acting up & I do have a referral to an orthopedic specialist to check them out, but I haven’t called. She kept saying she thought it was my hips that are the problem. Then she asked if I’d ever tried massage therapy & to have a massage & concentrate on my legs, since it’s all connected. OK! That’s pretty amazing.

But I’m so glad I wasn’t driving!! I was mixing Bud Light with Magic Martini with Labatt Blue Light with a mixed something shot (yuck – Crown Royal!!) with Labatt Blue with a Johnny Vegas shot with another Blue… yeah –felt no pain! I haven’t drank like that in years!  Darn Catie who is a bartender & wanted me to drink with her.  Luckily I woke up around 3 and was thirsty. So I got up & fixed some Crystal Lite to drink slowly & took 3 aspirin. So I only had a mild headache when I got up at 8 to take Maggie to the vet for her check up.

Hmmm, the girls are getting ready to chocolate mud masks that they got from Kmart, so I better go watch & giggle. Too bad Randy has my camera!

                                                            Yet another Spirit Day!

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