Friday, January 14, 2011


I am so sick of Kid Rock!!  I can't wait until this damn concert is over tomorrow so we don't have to hear about it between every song on most every radio station (makes me thankful for XM & my iPod even more!!)

First I was offended that they actually rescheduled MonsterJam so he could kick off his tour at Ford Field (aka Fourty Field ~gag~ ) on his birthday.  But then I saw the benefits of the change - every year, Monster Jam is the same night as opening day of the Auto Show...which makes parking a bitch.  So having it last weekend was rather pleasant.  So all the morons heading to the concert tomorrow will have to deal with - not just the Auto Show traffic - but people going to the Red Wings game, too!!  NEENER NEENER !!!

Look, dude!  You're turning 40- shouldn't you change your name to Middle Aged Rock ????   And I'd like to get hold of the programming guy from WYCD and kick him in the ass for deciding to play Kid on the country station!!!!   But I confess I do like the song Born Free and am toying with the idea of downloading it to my iPod.  And he's way less offensive than the vocal screeching & whining of Taylor Swift !!!

So that's my tangent.

Just waiting for Randy to get home from work to head over to Mom's for our much belated Christmas gathering.  We drew names for the gift exchange, which is wonderful...until Linda said she'd gotten a little something for both me & Laurie.  Then Laurie said the same thing.  DAMN YOU PEOPLE ! ! !  Luckily I found some cute cheap candle holders at Hobby Lobby in Hot Springs, so they're getting  identical gifts,just different colors.  I did make them, Mom & Mom L. bead ornaments.  Mom's is pink & purple coral & pearls, Laurie's is all pink coral & pearls, Linda's is all purple coral & pearls.  Mom L. got a special one.  Her's was clear square crystals & clear dark blue squares with heart shaped charms on each strand.  I also made me one similar to Mom L.'s but with clear & turquoise squares & chunky green stones on the bottom.  Yeah - Angel thought that matched (rolling eyes).

Looking forward to a quiet (hopefully - if Randy's work pager doesn't go off!) weekend at home!

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