Saturday, February 6, 2010


Happy “Super” Saturday!
Who am I kidding? I don’t give a crap about football. Randy will watch the Razorbacks once in a while, but he’s not fanatical about it. But I will watch the Super Bowl for the game and not just the commercials this year. For the first time I got in the office football pool. For me holding the $$ in my desk that locks, Rich bought me a square. My numbers suck, but oh well. I’m not sure who I want to root for, hell I don’t even know who Randy’s rooting for. Angel wants to Colts to win because (in typical 12 year-old-girl fashion) they wear pretty blue and their mascot is a horse.

Not a whole lot is going on. Randy just left with his buddy Dave for Grand Rapids to spend the weekend with Bob. Bob was the best man in our wedding, one of Randy’s best friends and Dave’s brother-in-law. They’re going to a Griffins game tonight – they’re the Red Wings’ minor league team. Randy was really torn about going, since this weekend is the Minnesota QSO party – he’s gotten first place from Michigan contesters for the past 2 years. I’m glad he chose to hang out with the guys instead. I don’t think Bob or Dave is into radio stuff, either.

I went and had a physical done yesterday. The last time I had one was almost 2 years ago – it was a contributing factor to me joining Weight Watchers. Besides seeing the # on the scale, I had borderline high cholesterol, etc. So moron me took a 1 PM appointment and I needed to fast for 12 hours before. Work killed me! Besides the Friday morning bagels, Ross bought the company pre-Super Bowl pizza & salad for lunch. At least it arrived shortly before I left. None of the dispatchers had wandered down to get any yet. Ya know, I wasn’t really starving, since I was able to tank up on water. And I did! When they asked for a urine sample it was almost clear – LOL! So I can’t wait to see how the blood tests come out. I’d like to compare my “before” results with these. I got a tetanus shot, too. My shoulder is still hurting! I sure won’t be doing my bellydance DVD today – since there’s a lot of arm work involved.

We went Monday night and dropped off 2 big clothes baskets of towels to the Humane Society and we managed to leave without any new additions to the family!! Only because the volunteers had left for the day already. Shucks. I really want to get another dog. I saw at one of the shelters in Detroit is a 5 year old, 42 pound male Beagle named Jake. Would go perfectly with our 5 year old, 42 pound male Beagle named Jack! But unless we either get our yard fenced (not likely – considering how Randy is about home improvements) or we move to a place with a fenced yard (not likely - considering the economy), we have to make do with just one puppy. Sigh.

Thursday morning, Angel came out of the bathroom & told me that she wanted to get her haircut ~faint~ and if she hadn't had dance that night, she would have been at the salon right after school.  So we waited til Friday after school.  I was trying to talk her into donating it again, but she only ended up with about 5 inches cut off.  She doesn't look like cousin Itt any more!



I got Randy hooked on Facebook. One of my biggest pet peeves is someone standing behind me while I’m on the computer, and he’d stand back there and read over my shoulder (GRRRR!) so I set him up with his own account. And I was ‘friends’ with a bunch of his friends! It doesn’t help that how the desks are set up, even tho there are 2 computers & desks, there’s only one chair. There’s no way to rearrange the room, either! I recently started getting a bunch of friend requests from girls I went to bootcamp with! It’s neat to see what everyone has been up to, even if I had to pull out my year book to see exactly who some of them were. But once I saw a face to go with the name, I knew.

Random pic of wine bottle clothing - also suitable for GI Joe!

I love my iPod! We just got me one of those arm bands for it, so I don’t have to stick it down in my bra when I’m wandering around the house.

Oooh, I’m pretty excited – I got Randy on the decluttering kick! He’s got me beat on the amount, tho. He finally decided to donate the truck to Volunteers of America. It’s slightly ugly, with the rust around the wheel wells, etc. The tires are fairly new, but it’s temperamental. It doesn’t like traffic in warm weather, right now the hose that takes oil to the filter is rotten and leaking, and it occasionally doesn’t like to start in the winter. But it was fun to drive! The blue book value isn’t crap on it, but maybe the Volunteers can do something with it, and it gets out of our yard! Oh crap. I was going to incorporate it into my Halloween display next year. I was going to try to make it look like a wreck and put a slumped body or zombie or skeleton in the driver seat. Oh well, guess that won’t be happening. Angel was kind of bummed, since we told her it was going to be her first car. OMG, she might have to buy her own first car like Randy & I both did! Or she can inherit my Escort.

Alrighty. I have to go reclaim the living room where the laundry monster exploded. Yay. But the Wings are playing at 4, so I’ll be taking a break then.


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