Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sheesh. February is almost over. Time really does fly when you get older. It’s going to be spring soon. I admit I dug thru the mulch on the south side of the house to see if any sprouts were coming up yet. I should have been looking in the yard for crocuses – but it just got covered with about 9 inches of snow yesterday. Guess I won’t be seeing anything soon.

Linda, Angel, Lisa & Catie at the restaurant in Dryden

Laurie, Mom & me

So we had “Girls’ Night Out” Saturday night. We always make it sound so much wilder than it really is. I got to Laurie’s about 1ish. She had taken Angel & Lisa to a 4H meeting, so I sat & visited with Mom. They came in, we got engrossed in watching a Stephen King movie (I so need to get that book Rose Red from the library!!) then Linda & Catie came in, so we got spiffied up and went to dinner at the Podunk bar/restaurant in Dryden. Mom & Laurie thought it would be fun to stay to hear the band. However, they didn’t find out what kind of music the band played – good info to know!!! It ended up being 4 old geezers playing rock & blues – but they played their own songs, so we didn’t stay long after they started. It was about 10 when we got back to Laurie’s. Of course there were several Chinese Fire Drills on the way – I even switched cars during one. And a brief search for my phone that Angel had dropped during the first stop. Then Angel wanted to do makeovers on everyone. Scary. Words can’t describe. But the general consensus between me, Laurie & Linda was we were glad we went first. It was “makeup” then instead of ‘artwork” that it became.

Mimi, Valley Girl & Zombie

Yeah.  Nice.

Angel had all last week off school. Monday & Tuesday she was at the Boys & Girls Club, Wednesday Randy stayed home with her. The plan at first was for her to hang out with Grandma Thursday and I stay home Friday. However, Mom picked her up Wednesday evening & kept her. I didn’t see her again until I got to Laurie’s Saturday. I still stayed home Friday – it was very nice.  Randy & Angel were both sad Wednesday - we donated the truck to the Volunteers of America and they came to get it.  Randy was sad because it was a fun truck to drive, just not reliable.  Angel was sad because we told her it was going to be her first car.   But now she's happy again because she thinks she'll get my Escort!


So I skipped weigh in Thursday night & went Friday morning. Went grocery shopping & couldn’t resist stopping at Bordine’s nursery for the Buy One Get One Half Off Plant Sale. Got a bit happy with the plants & ended up taking one to work, since I finally admitted that there just isn’t room for any more plants in this house. Sigh. But I took everything home, grabbed the dog & went to the car wash (which he didn’t like much) and then to get his nails trimmed. The rest of the day I did random stuff here & there, cleared off the bookshelf in our bedroom & dusted it – bagged up 3 plastic sacks of magazines to recycle. Randy wasn’t too happy about that, but I did keep the last 6 month’s worth of QST for him.

The Friday before Valentine’s I took Angel and her partner-in-crime Amanda to the mall. I synchronized cell phone clocks with them and sent them on their way. I ended up getting Randy a DVD box set of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a Tom Servo toy for V-Day. He loved it! We also had to go to Target because Amanda had gift cards. Wooo! It was an exciting night.

So Saturday the 13th, Randy & Angel went out shopping for me (I guilted him into going). While they were gone, I was working on killing dust bunnies from under the bed. I didn’t realize it was going to be a 5 hour job! I stripped sheets, dusted the ceiling fan, pulled everything out from under the bed, moved the bed, vacuumed all the cat hair & pillow feathers, dusted bedside tables, cleaned out drawers, it was a mess. Trying to put the bed back was a chore. We have the head elevated, so the top legs are on 2x6s and the middle legs on 1x6s. It’s a bitch to do alone. I fought & fought & cussed & fought – then the idea light bulb came on. I got the jack out of my car….cranked one side up, positioned the boards neatly, and cranked it back down. No effort at all. I was so proud of myself for coming up with that!

On Valentine’s Day, I got up and exercised, with the thought of coloring my hair before church – forgot about the ‘stuff’. Randy got me a stuffed devil that sings Hot Blooded while his pitchfork spins around – it also lights up & spells stuff out while it spins. Very cool! Angel got 2 different stuffed monkeys & candy. It was nice not having to fill out valentines for her class this year! I’m liking junior high more & more!

So anyway, that’s all the excitement here. We went last Thursday night to pick up my prescription from the store. My ob/gyn put me on prenatal vitamins last spring, after I told her we weren’t “preventing” pregnancy. Hello? I haven’t been on the Pill for over 2 years now. Nothing yet. I wonder which one of us is the issue. After my uterine polyp & crap last February, it’s probably me. I have age working against me, too. I may as well go back on the Pill so my cycle is back to a normal 28 days & just adopt a puppy. Pppft.

Jack messing up Catie's bed after she got him running around like crazy.

I guess sometime soon we’re going to have a painting party at Mom’s house. She wants the living room painted before she gets new carpet & furniture. That nasty poo brown carpet has been in there as long as I can remember and she’s still got one of those groovy floor model console TVs. It works fine, so I can see why it’s still around.

We got a big bunch of snow Sunday night / Monday. Most schools were closed, but not our district. The kids had to go in, but were sent home early. So I ended up with 2 extra kids yesterday til about 8 pm. Amanda & Jazzy were “hanging out” with Angel. I had to take them to the park so they could go sledding (after they retrieved our snow shovels & a large handful of my kitchen utensils from Jazzy’s yard). None of them were dressed for sledding, no hats & just jeans, etc. So I took them to 7-11 for hot chocolate on the way home. They had fun, so I guess it was worth it. Angel came home early today because her tummy hurt, she thought the sub she had at lunch was bad. Yay – half day of work for me!

This is a 2" chunk of frozen snow we chipped up off the driveway & spray painted.
Alrighty, Randy is on his way home now, so I should start considering dinner.  Later!

My sweet boys!

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