Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Fall has arrived! We are going to be kicking the furnace on soon! It’s going down to 45 tonight and 36 tomorrow night – BRRRR!

Well, today Angel missed cheering at her first football game. The athletic director sent home a note yesterday saying she was already failing geography with a 54% ! That takes some talent, since she’s only been in school 3 weeks. So no cheer this week for her. She can practice with the squad, but she sat out today. And the Chieftains won, too! The first time in 4 years I heard! Guess they’re the Detroit Lions of the school district.

Yesterday was her birthday. We got her the entire hardcover Twilight series of books, plus the nice UofM sweatshirt she’d picked out at the mall. Guess we’re shooting on having her party on the 17th, so it cam be a Halloween party. I’m looking forward to it, planning it anyway. I love Halloween!

Sunday we went to the Westview Orchard for our annual family trip. Mom & Dad didn’t go, so it was the 3 of us, Laurie, Lisa, Jamie, Catie & Austin. We had a good time. That orchard has funner stuff to do. They have a petting farm, a giant slide, wooden farm equipment, giant straw pile, horse-drawn wagon rides, tractor pulled wagon rides, a 6 acre corn maze and jumping pillows. That was a riot! Can’t even describe how fun they were. Altho I must have twisted my knee pretty bad, since it’s still killing me. Totally worth it! I guess they have a theme every year, so this year was MSU. 

Lisa & Angel on the jumping pillow.

Me on the jumping pillow.

Angel, Lisa & me with chicks.

This is a map of the corn maze. Covered 6 acres !

Friday night, Angel had her friend Taylor spend the night again. We took them to go see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. That was really cute! Randy and I are so mean! They took off walking ahead of us to the car afterward. So Randy and I ducked over to the next row where the car was and they didn’t see us. We stayed down behind other cars and peeked at them thru windows. A couple were getting into their SUV in the row where the girls were and they could see us, hiding, so they must have sat there and watched us a few minutes. Until the girls went over a row in the wrong direction. We were cracking up. Then these other people pulled out and slowed down to tell us we were mean. We just cracked up harder – I said “I know- but it’s SO fun!” and they laughed and drove away. We finally took off running to the car and got in. Randy started honking the horn until the girls figured out it was us. They tried to play it off like they knew where we were. Yeah, sure.

What really caught me off guard was...apparently they had gone online before I got home from work and Angel decided she wants to attend MSU. They have a good vet school and she wants to be a veterinarian. Plus it’s one of the cheapest universities in the state! And she can get the first 2 years out of the way by going to Macomb Community College to their vet program. I hope she holds on to that thought.

So the dance situation changed again. She’s taking 4 classes right now! Terina from the studio was going to change around tap & technique, but someone else was driving in from BFE for the technique class, so she couldn’t change them. Angel said she was willing to try dancing lyrical, which thrilled Terina. The catch is…it has to be taken in conjunction with ballet. Angel wasn’t too excited about ballet, but is trying it. Terina said if she didn’t like it, she could get back into tap after cheer was over for the season. And until then, she’s only charging me for 3 classes – woohoo! I sort of like this better, because she’s got 2 classes per night, instead of all of them back to back.

Anyway, Randy’s over there watching something about the best classes of submarines and it sounds pretty interesting, so I must go watch, too! Later!

Note - Friday is the first Red Wings game of the season - WOOHOO!!

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