Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Whew! It’s been crazy at work! I guess that’s what I get for taking 7 days off work, going back for 2 1/2 - then taking Friday afternoon off! It’s sure obvious that work has picked up, but the amount of paper on my desk!

Hmm, where to begin? On Labor Day we took Angel to the Renaissance Festival for her first time. We had a good time. Man, it’s easy to spend a lot of $$ there! Next year we think we’re going to dress up. Randy wants to wear a kilt in the family tartan and we’re supposed to match him, since we’re his “women”. I think it’s going to be his “woman” and his “fairy”. We just missed the end of the jousting, but we caught the Ded Bob Show!! Yay! We got to go up after & get pics with him. Angel wanted me to go with her. Bob told her he likes the skinny ones and if she washed her hair once in a while things wouldn’t grow in it. He liked my fox tail that I tied on the back of my skort (so I shook it at him). Randy was wearing khaki pants, a flowered shirt and a straw hat, so Bob told him that the Jimmy Buffett concert was last week. It was pretty funny.

So Angel started school on the 8th. Sigh. She’s adjusted well to having to go to 6 different classrooms and a locker for her stuff. I don’t know how long this will last, but she says she likes Science!! And I’ve seen proof that she’s learning something. Last night at dinner she was telling us all the months and days of the week in Spanish. She’s never had it before, so I know its new knowledge! Wooooooo! She’s pretty tweaked that on Thursday & Friday, she gets home before me. She’s got her own key and I leave a list of stuff for her to do. It’s only for 45 minutes or so. No biggie.

She also tried out for the 7th grade cheer squad and made it! It really shouldn’t have been surprising. She’s got the personality and the volume for it! It was funny that after try-outs on the second day of school, she told me that they had to do stuff in front of the boys trying out for football. Hellloooooo? Get used to it! Who do you think you’re going to be cheering for? Random trees in the field?? The uniforms are really cute. I think it’s odd that the junior high & high school have the same school colors & mascots. Black, white & orange and they’re the Chieftains.

By Christmas, that kid will have buns of steel! She’s also still dancing – and I let her do 3 this year – tap, hip hop & jazz. Luckily she’s got a really nice studio owner & a really nice coach, since Terina switched classes around as much as she could for her, and Coach Stacy is letting her leave ½ hour early on Wednesdays so I can get her to tap. It was either that or she’d have to drop tap for ballet or lyrical – neither of which I could see her doing. But cheer is only thru football season, I think the last game is November 10, around there. Hope she doesn’t get much homework on Wednesdays, since her last class will be over at 7:45 !!

Randy finally broke down and went for his first checkup with a doctor since I’ve known him. His dentist is more evil than mine, so they take his blood pressure before they do stuff and it’s been high the past couple times he’s gone. So they referred him to a doctor. He’s got an appointment for a physical and he already knows they’re going to tell him to lose weight. He’s had over a year to hop on the bandwagon with me!! But I haven’t bugged him about it, except to encourage him to go on walks with us. I was waiting for him to figure it out on his own.

I took a little break from Weight Watchers. My pass was up, so I took 2 weeks off to recharge and get my head back straight. Last Thursday was my “first” weigh-in. I’d gained 2 pounds, but it was also right before my TOM so that’s not too terrible. I’m still in those same damn 5 pounds that I’ve been in since May. One day I’ll break that.

Last Friday, Catie and I were supposed to be extras in a commercial that Laurie's boss was making.  She works for a partner of Geoffrey Feiger, the attorney who got famous defending Jack Kevorkian back in the day.  So we both took off work and were almost to Laurie's office to get her when she called and said the shoot had been cancelled.  Boooo!  We were looking forward to our 15 minutes of obscure fame!  But we had lunch with Laurie and got a tour of the building.  All I got to say is WOW.  Laurie's office is across the hall from the TV studio.  All of the floors were capeted in burgundy carpet with a burgundy & cream marble tile edging (more on that in a minute).  There's an atrium just down the hall from Laurie's office that has a waterfall (Fieger Falls) & pond & giant bamboo plants, etc.  There is no shortage of ego with this man.  There are pictures of him literally everywhere. Some of them are pretty odd, too.  The worst one was "Geoff" wearing something like a cheesecloth diaper (he does not have a nice bod, either!), standing with his arms out like he's been crucified, wrapped in tubing and holding IV bags in each hand.  Yeah.  Disturbing!  We went up and peeked in his office, too.  His cute little blonde secretary came out and asked if we wanted to see his office, so she took us in. He's got a bobble head of himself on his desk!  Then she asked if we wanted to see his bathroom.  We thought that was odd, but OK.  His bathroom is about the size of my kitchen/dining room.  Everything was that burgundy & cream marble, glass & chrome.  Huge walk in shower with a bench and glass doors, double vanity with huge mirror, the works.  I saw where the commode was, but didn't look to see if it was special at all.  I'm sure it had to be.

Saturday night, Laurie, her friends Michelle & Ashley, Catie, Lisa & me all went to see the Rocky Horror Show at Meadowbrook Music Theater. OMG!  That was so damn funny!  I'd never seen it before, altho I had a basic idea of what it was. And it was total audience participation.  We could buy "'virgin bags" filled with props.  They had a newspaper, squirt gun, goofy hats, bells, cards, a flashlight - all sorts of stuff.  During the performance, they'd put what you're supposed to do on the screen (use your squirt gun to make it rain & hold your newspaper over your head, etc) and they'd post what you're supposed to yell, and you'd have to get up and dance, etc.  Fun fun fun.  There was a costume contest, too.  A lot of people dressed up as characters from the story.  The winner got a gift certificate to this leather store and the runners up got to dance the Time Warp on stage with the cast.  It was hysterical!!   I will totally go see that again! 

The next big event is the girl’s birthday. She wants to invite 9 girls over for a sleepover. I have no idea where she thinks everyone is going to sleep, but we’re going to put “sleepover optional” on the invites. They can come over for the party and leave after if need be. She’s thinking about having it a week or two after her b-day so we can have a Halloween party. That would be a riot!

Peace out!

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