Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Checking in

This seems to be a recurring topic for my blog posts!  
I actually started this post the end of January - uploading pics - so let's see what we got!
I pass this cemetery on my way into work pretty often (my route changes depending on if I stop at Tim Horton's or not)  It was a weird foggy morning and the lights of the distant strip mall backlit it so beautifully!
  I called this art installation "40 (mph) in the Fog" 

So most everyone was on the Detroit Lions bandwagon there for a while. 
 But I don't know how widespread this fun little fact is...
outside the Coleman A Young Municipal Building in Detroit is this statue called the Spirit of Detroit.  
If any of our professional sports teams make it into the playoffs, they donate $25,000 for maintenance of the statue and in return - the statue wears their jersey.    It also wore a purple shirt back in 2019 when the Detroit Youth Choir was on America's Got Talent.  
VFW Post 4659 represented at the District 5 Voice of Democracy / Teacher of the Year awards banquet.
  Sadly, our candidates didn't win, but we thought they were awesome. 
Random Christmas decorations out in Attica, MI.
For some reason, I always have "asshole" blowmolds!  I never know why but light bulbs never stay lit on all of them!  Fixing it might be as simple as giving it a shake or twisting the bulb back into the socket.
I ordered this year's Tim Horton's Christmas ornament from someone on eBay and they sent it in a TimBit box.
The Spawn bought herself a Stanley Cup.  
But this is the only one I care about! 
She didn't get the biggest one, but it's probably about the same size as the NHL one.
From Snapchat in 2020 - and I still haven't done any more on it.
I think that bird was surprised that the snow was deeper than expected!
Tracks near the barn at Sis1's house.
From her dog and one of her barn cats. 
Love it!
January 20, my SAR team had a drill.  
14 degrees and 6 inches of snow. 
We had K9s out but it was too cold on their paws for them to stay out very long.  So our director secretly grabbed one of the guys who'd been out with a K9 team and sent him to where our actual "missing" guy was.  Rich was all in camo and hard to see - Todd (on the left) clearly was not!  

Sis1 was doing radio for that K9 team and she never realized he was missing so when incident command called for us to be on the look out for Todd, she freaked out!  
This is why we do drills.
But we did think it was funny!

Stay tuned for more!


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