Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Happy February!

So 2022 is really beginning now, right?  Our trial month is over?

Tomorrow is TWOSDAY!
Tuesday, 2/2/22

How fun!

Actually - January wasn't that bad.  It sure ended on a good note - the Spouse was working from home at his Mom's house in Arkansas since right right after Christmas and he's finally home!!  He got home Saturday night.  Fun fact - he can drive from Hot Springs to north of Detroit in less than 14 hours. 

We had a few minor "oh shit" moments but they passed quickly.  This was one of them....
Somehow the Spawn managed to shatter the glass on the front of my oven!  She called me at work, hysterical because glass was everywhere, her bare feet were cut and bleeding and the Spouse was going to kill her!

It ended up not being a big deal, other than learning just how often I use the oven!  It was a struggle figuring out stove top dinners for a couple weeks.  This stove was in the house when we bought it 19 years ago anyway.  I looked online to see if I could get replacement glass, but ...
so I was resigned to getting a new range (oh shucks!!) and mentioned it in passing to a coworker.  Who happened to have a friend who just remodeled their kitchen was getting rid of a range!  

So for a case of Bud Light and $50 in parts & tools - we got a new range!
yes - we made cookies at 11pm last night.  Since we turned it on to make sure it worked, we may as well take advantage of it!  Still have to get that front right burner going - that's the most used one! 
Sunrise over the building next to my work. 

Oooh, lets talk about Winter Storm "Landon"!
It was literally 47* today. 
It's insane - you'd think people around here never saw snow before!  I usually go to Kroger Monday after work - the shelves had a lot of empty space on them!  WTF people?  The plows will be out non-stop and the roads will be perfectly driveable within hours of the snow stopping. It's not like you're going to be snowed in for 6 days! 

I am curious to see how much of the 8-15 inches they're calling for.  Driving into work tomorrow probably won't be bad - but the way home is gonna be pretty lousy. 

I heard the Mother-in-Law in Arkansas is supposed to get at least 1/2 inch of ice - now THAT sucks!
We were down there a couple years ago when they had their first blizzard warning.  They got ice with 6 inches of snow on top!  They don't have the equipment to clear the roads and once they did - there were tons of trees down from the weight of the ice & snow.  At least it melts fast.     

It's the 4th birthday of my SAR team!
I'm pretty proud to be part of this awesome team. 

Anyhooo, I'm going to head to bed since I want to get to work early.  We have to have the previous month closed out by at least the 10th of the current month and I already feel like I'm way behind!  Plus said coworker is going to be on vacation next week and when she's gone, I don't get much of my own stuff done.  So yeah.  **stress**

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