Saturday, June 6, 2020

...back to work update!

This just seemed appropriate for the times.

So as planned, I went back to work Tuesday! 
I happily got right back into the swing of things, without forgetting how to do anything.  I did have a brainfart once, but in my defense, I'd only been working with this one customer for about 6 weeks (weekly invoicing) before all the crap hit the fan, so pppbth.

Oh, I was busy all day Tuesday, but by 10am Wednesday, I was all caught up. 
  And since my week was Tuesday to Saturday this week?  You're currently reading what my day today is consisting of.  I've had a few little things here & there come in to take care of, but nothing major.  I don't want to do all my work and have nothing to do Monday!

Here's our "health station"
The spray bottles & rags are for the few drivers currently working to clean their trucks.  There's hand sanitizer that one of the guys from a Texas terminal hooked us up with.  It's from Mexico so who knows what it actually is - LOL!  Masks & a forehead thermometer & the requisite forms for us to fill out each day. 
Overlooked by Dr. Larry from the 3 Stooges.
 I brought the peace lily I adopted from the office manager back to the office.  I've never been able to keep one alive before and it was so happy on my desk that I was afraid to take it home.  But it stayed alive and even put out a new leaf!  Maybe one day it'll bloom.
BabyBoy is 5 months old! 
He's rolling around & grabbing everything his little fingers can reach & happily eating his veggies!  He's been drooling like crazy so he's likely teething, too.
The latest virtual "run" that I just started doing.  Virtual events are my way of rewarding myself for going out and getting my carcass moving.  

Come on - there are fighter jets on the medal!!!

Have you ever done one of these?   The sites I usually stick with are Yes.Fit, Virtual Strides and of course the annual Gordy's Pumpkin Run.  I've also done one for the Michigan DNR called the Happy Little 5K (the medal had Bob Ross & his palette!) that planted trees in the state parks and I'm signed up for a 5K for the Northwest PA K9 Search & Rescue team that I have to do between 6/7 and 6/30. 

Oh man - there are so many options!  Besides the really cool medals in just about any subject you can think of, some virtual races donate to a charity, too.  Distances range from 1K to thousands of miles.  Obviously you don't have to do the longer races all at one time.  The Top Gun one is 75+ miles and I'm only logging the miles that I'm actually out walking and not bothering with the times.  They'll send out my medal when I log my last leg.  The longer ones that I've done have all followed a map - Top Gun is around San Diego.  And when you hit "mile markers" they'll email you a point of interest along the map or some interesting info or a cool picture.  Since I just started this a couple days ago, I just got a video about the history of the Top Gun program.   Last year I did a 105 mile vampire race around Romania.  It was really awesome.

Here's my collection so far.
I can't see all of them here, but I've got one for the Honor Flight, the Thin Blue Line, the anniversary of the first man on the moon, the Tell-Tale Heart from Edgar Allan Poe, Popeye, and at least one Navy one.  The Zombie is the first medal I ever got  So lots of variety! 
I got my cheap Boston Fern from the grocery store!  This monster was only $8.  And it was on sale!  Non-sale price was $13 so that's even a bargain.
I'm going to stop soon and get a second for the other side of the yard.
The sunset the other night.
I wish I could remember when I first saw this extremely rare "Pants Tree" - but it's been well over a year and they're still hanging on that branch!  And there was extensive construction & resurfacing along this stretch of road last summer and they're still there!
I love this tree over the winter because it has funky twisted, gnarly branches, but I also enjoy seeing it leafed out.
Spawn & I got stared at on our walk last night.  We stopped to look at her, and I could tell she was getting upset with us even at this distance.  She stomped her front feet a couple times, so unless the bugs were bothering her, she likely had a fawn nearby.  So we went on our merry way.
It's supposed to be nice all weekend, so I'm going out to my sister's for some horse time after work, then I do believe a fire in the back yard & s'mores are on tap for later.  Tomorrow I'll just dink around out in the yard or whatever.  I got used to not having anything vital to do or places to go!


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  1. That first meme is spot on! I think the world just fell out of the handbasket LOL So glad that the peace lily is going strong. I have killed one even though people said it was impossible. Now I only water when she sad and saggy. Also, the pants tree....LOVE IT! Have a great week!


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