Wednesday, March 4, 2020

March Goals & Mantras

I thought I'd give this prompt a try!  Since I have been sucking lately on the blogging front.  Being a Grandma is hard work!  

Just kidding - Spawn is a good mommy and even tho they live with us, she takes care of him 98% of the time.   She just started back to work Tuesday, so I'll be babysitting more often. 
Seriously - look how freakin' adorable!
Rusty loves his new tiny person!

Let's see (clicking back and looking at everyone else's posts on the linkup so far). 


Email all 6 of the schools in the district about the scholarship my VFW post offers.   This is my second year doing this, and I had taken a half day off of work last week with the intent of delivering info packets in person.... then snow days happened!  So I just mailed the packets instead. 

Work on / submit my review & application to become an amateur radio Volunteer Examiner.  This is because each member of my search & rescue team is required to get their ham radio license - and it's a whole lot easier for them if we can do our own exams.

Declutter, declutter, DECLUTTER!  My house is a disaster.  Let's shoot for 15-20 minutes per day.  

Figure out a theme for the April A to Z blogging challenge.  Then start getting posts pre-written.  I've participated ever year since 2012, so I have to keep going!
Since March 1 was the meteorological spring.....

Um, I think that's enough for now.  Don't want to get too crazy, ya know!  

Here's some more squee-ness for the road.  
Apparently Adam is going to love "Melmo" as much as his mommy did!

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  1. Good thinking on the Volunteer Examiner bit. Our SAR group has some hams, but there is a separate group of adults that are Amateurs that work with them, as well... (Our SAR is set up that it's teenagers, and they are sent through a "boot camp" to weed out the 'Meh' attitude ones. Leave it to the head honcho, as a marine, to use marine tactics... ;) But, good kids, and it works.)

    Declutter. I have heard that word before... Sigh...

    Oh, and yes, Kitty seems very pleased with his little charge! Excellent photo, by the way!


  2. Rusty and the baby are soooo adorable. I picture Rusty constantly rubbing up along him and bunting his head and chin in his direction. :)


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