Saturday, November 2, 2019

Happy November!

Since I haven't been to bed yet, I'm still considering this to be posted on November 1!

I have a post in the works getting caught up on non- Halloween life, but until then...

here's Halloween!
 I took Chuck to work with me.  I was only there a half day, so I wasn't too productive. 
 Here are the cats watching for the Great Pumpkin!

We had a pretty disappointing evening.  Like a LOT of places in the U.S., it was cold & rainy and while I don't think the winds ever made it up to 55mph like was forecasted, it was still pretty lousy. 

But the kids who braved the crappiness to come get candy?  They all got *at least* 2 full-sized bars since I didn't want to get left with all of that!
I loved the eyeballs in the fern! 
And this was the extent of the leaves that had fallen from our big maples as of Thursday afternoon.  
 Joann Fabrics had skeleton chickens & pigs this year - I love the chickens a lot more than I thought I would!
 Big Lot also had a "haunted CB" that happened to look a lot like the radio in my car!
(I'm an amateur radio operator, aka ham)  so this skeleton got his own ham shack. 
I consider myself pretty creative, until it comes to carving my pumpkin!  
Spawn's is pretty cute, with the baby pumpkin inside it.  
Thursday night....
 Friday afternoon!

I work on the cemetery all month, but it ALL comes down on November 1.  
Just don't look in the back yard!


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