Sunday, August 25, 2019

What Up, Weekend 8/25 edition

Random flower that's blooming in my flowerbed.  
I did plant this, I just don't remember what it's called!
It's purty!
I am linking up with the lovely ladies Lindsay, Beth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse. There's too much crap & negativity in the world, so these are all positive / happy / grateful posts in this linkup.

I really didn't think I'd get a chance to sit down & write again because I'm on vacation and Randy & I are leaving for a road trip tomorrow!   Of course someone will be home and various family members popping in & out and we've called the local PD to drive by a bit more to keep an eye on things. 

I'm pretty excited that we're going to be visiting New England for the first time!  Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts & Connecticut!  So this is your official heads up for some travel posts in the very near future.   I'll be posting on Instagram, too.
Oh, and we're taking Chuck the Skeleton - LOL!

The Lapeer Days Parade & Imlay City Safety Days event were a lot of fun last Saturday - for the 3 of us who participated.  There were 6 at yet another tracker training (I get the impression that those of us who didn't go to this one thought it was completely unnecessary) and the few left had work or whatever. 
Lt cussed at us for not getting *his* truck washed before the parade.  It didn't look too bad!
I was bummed they didn't have the ATV in the trailer.  I wanted to drive it in the parade!
I look like a goob from this angle - I promise my ballcap wasn't sitting that far up on my forehead!
K-9 Daisy who is on the verge of being our first certified search dog!
So the parade ended up being a lot shorter than we expected and we had a moment of panic that they wouldn't be able to get me to my car, since I parked (not thinking!) right along the road where the parade was staged.  And since we were toward the front, we had no idea now much parade was behind us!  But by the time we stopped & fueled up the truck and wandered around Tractor Supply, we were able to get back to my car and head onto our next event.
We made a stop by Bill's house to get his puppy that's currently in training to be a search dog. 
 We were the first to arrive at the fairgrounds for Safety Days.  Basically there were PD & FD from multiple area cities, the Air Force, Secret Service, Sheriff's Explorers (like ROTC), the DNR, State Police, EMS, and various other organizations. 
We parked right by the front entrance so we could see all the vehicles pulling in. 
 Big Betty - the Lapeer County Special Response Team Armored Vehicle 
How freaking cool is that???
 Novi (which is NOT nearby!) sent their Breast Cancer Awareness patrol car and a fire truck. 
 Chillin' in the trailer.
 Of course we had to go around and check out the other displays!
  Shawna trying out for the new high-speed aerial search team - LOL!
Imlay City Police Chief Pike.  He was a super nice guy & stopped over to chat when he saw my "US Navy Veteran" sticker on the back of my car.  He's a Navy Vet, too!  
He told us that he was disappointed in the number of agencies that said they were going to show up, but didn't.  Like 4 other branches of the military to name a few.  

At least a decent number of people come thru.  He also had chosen the same weekend as Lapeer Days and the Armada Fair, which are both big events and close by.  So next year he said he was going to shoot for later in September.  Maybe then it won't be too hot for the horses to be standing out there without any shelter.  I was glad we didn't bring them this time.  Chief said horses & motorcycles are always a big draw for the crowds.  

What we learned from our first time being at an event like this?  Have something for the people!  All the other vendors had pens / stickers / keychains, etc  The State Troopers had trading cards with all of their K9s on them!  We didn't even have business cards, applications or info about the team to hand out!  So Kelly and I are going to work on that. 

Today was the day the Yankee Candle Halloween collection came out!  
I went to look at the website last night to double check when the mall opened so we could be there right as it opened and then get about our day.... but the store had closed?!?!!  We had just been at the mall like 3 weeks ago and it was open then!   And with the crappy construction around here?  I wasn't driving to any of the stores that were left.  So I shopped online this morning.  I wasn't too impressed with the Boney Bunch this year, but I did find a few things I liked.  So it wasn't a big deal to not shop in person. 
Tealights go behind each eye!  
Not sure why it's called a Bejewelled Skull, tho.  I see no bejewel-ness. 
OMG, how cute are these guys???
They also came in a metal "tree".  I love their faces!
Rusty helped me clean out my purse. 

Welp, since I have done minimal packing, I should get my carcass to bed so I can be up early.  Our goal is to be on the road by 10am.  Let's see how that works out! 

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  1. Hey Lisa! Pretty flowers lady. I hope you’re enjoying your time off and road trip. :)
    Daisy is adorable and I bet the wee pup in training is too cute! I love that all the K9s gave trading cards. I’m certainly not a kid but I’d even collect them! Lol
    Big Betty is a BEAST, eh? Love the decalled police cars, they’re awesome! That must’ve been pretty disappointing all the folk that pulled a no-show. Such is life I suppose.

    Oh Rusty. Ever the helpful ginger. LOL

    Hope you’re well hun. Xo


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