Friday, November 9, 2018

Holy crap. Sorry - I mean What's Up, Weekend!!

How is it that Halloween is over & November is over a week old already???? 
sesame street fainting GIF
How is time moving so fast?  Is it age??  Please don't tell me it's age!!
I'm linking up with the lovely ladies LindsayBeth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse. There's too much crap & negativity in the world, so these are all positive / happy / grateful posts in this linkup.  

First of all -
Here's my house Halloween night. 
 Here it is last Friday.
 I probably shouldn't include this on this post, since this does NOT make me happy!
And here's my backyard - tonight!
It only got up into the mid 30s today & it's been spitting snow off & on all day. 
I'm pretty sure this cold has finally done my roses in.  I always get a second wave of blooms in mid/late October.  I don't know if that's normal or not, but it happens with several rose bushes I have.   I went to a rose class last spring & they said not to prune them until the forsythia's bloom in the spring.  So what happens if we get a wet, heavy snow?  It's going to break all the branches!  
Anyone hear of this? 
 Have box - must cat!
 Randy ordered some stuff and 2 out of 3 cats enjoyed the boxes muchly.  Rusty didn't even wait until the box was emptied - he just climbed in & got underneath the packing material.  Maddie trotted around the corner & didn't even hesitate - she got right into the cat trap in the hall. 
This is my newest great-nephew! 
They came to Michigan to visit the last weekend in October.
I just want to squish those cheeks!
Aw, how quaint!
I took the Spawn & we went to vote Tuesday.
She told me by the time she's 40, she'll be able to go alone.
But she has already mastered to art of evading the politician's cronies that hang outside the polling place, giving out pamphlets & pencils.   
Panera had a ghost pumpkin cookie.
So I had to get it!
Not sure why it's white with a blue stem, but it tasted good! 

Tomorrow is the first of the annual craft shows that I go to with Mom & the sisters.  This one is held at the high school that all 3 of us graduated from.  We have a good time, shopping & chatting then going out to lunch.  I have to try to find something for the mother-in-law.  Talk about someone impossible to shop for!  She's not big on "things" or experiences!  She's got no hobbies that I know of.   We'll get her a gift card for a restaurant, and she'll hold onto it until Randy (or both of us) come to visit.  She seemed appalled when I asked her to go to the bathhouse with me (she lives in Hot Springs, AR) - she's never been in the waters & has no desire to.  She's retired so I don't know what she does with her days!   Sheesh.     

So I feel like a bad fur-Mom.  Poor Jack 
 (pic from this summer - obviously not taken recently!)
It took me more than a month to figure out that the poor guy wasn't actually coughing at night, but actually gagging and that the food I was giving him probably didn't agree with him!  I woke up at the stoke of 0300 this morning with that thought.  He'd been eating grain free since August when Laurie's dog had to be put down and she gave us the rest of his food.  Pretty sure that's when it all started, it just got worse recently and for the last week or so, he really hasn't been interested in eating his food (people food was OK, tho!).  So I stopped & got him some regular food on my way home & he's done pretty near a full 180.  There's still some coughing, but not anywhere near the extent he was.  It'll probably take a few days to get the yucky stuff out of his system.   So I'm happy he's feeling better!

What kind of fun stuff do you have planned this weekend?



  1. Your house on Halloween looks amazing!
    Oh my word - buying gifts for people who are difficult to buy gifts for is not fun!
    My MIL had a birthday at the beginning of the month and we got her a gift card and took her out for dinner. It would be time for her next birthday if we had to think of what to get her. My FIL did really well and bought her shoes for her Bowls so that was great!

    1. Thanks! Halloween is totally my thing - I love to decorate!
      For the MIL - I found a nice knitted scarf in a pretty dark blue that I think she'll like.

  2. Love your house for Halloween. It flurried a bit yesterday, but I think it's supposed to snow more Tuesday. Sigh. I don't mind snow, but I want it in the WINTER! I need more Fall weather. It's my favorite and it never wants to last long. Love Panera cookies! And those are some odd colors - I mean, there are white pumpkins, but not sure about the blue stem. LOL


    1. Thanks! It's been so weird - my maple trees that I can generally count o still having leaves at Thanksgiving are actually almost bare. But now I really don't want to go out to rake leaves & snow out of the yard!

  3. Awww, I'm so glad to hear the pup is doing better! We've had a lot of stomach issues with our old man too. His tummy is temperamental but we've found dog food made with avocados that has completely turned him around, and his coat is so shiny now!

    Awww, squishy baby cheeks! What a cutie!!!

    Also NOOOOOO!!!! I'm not ready for snow! I hear we are getting some soon, and I dunno how to prepare! This is also our first year as homeowners, and there are things we've had to do like getting the sprinklers winterized that never would have crossed my mind.

    Hope you're having a great week! XO


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