Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, folks.  I am yet again 29!  It was a lovely, lowkey type of day.  Randy got off work early, picked me up from work and we went to Detroit.  First we drove around Belle Isle and got some pics, then took another 1/2 hour to find parking (we totally forgot Aretha Franklin's funeral was happening) and then had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. 
 It was a nice day. 
 Amaretto Sour & Bahama Mama
Spirit of Detroit & the Renaissance Center

  I think it's calmed down a wee bit around here so I'm able to maybe concentrate a bit on a post!
For a moment anyway.
Let's start with a random sunset pic from the other night.  So beautiful!
Yes, there are trees changing colors around here.  This was actually a baby tree, so I wouldn't believe what it has to say yet.

The 11th, Miss Angela wanted to go to the Armada Fair and instead of really trying to find friends to go with,she asked me to go!  The problem is, I had an event early Sunday morning with the SAR group and had planned on going to Laurie's to help bathe the horses & load up, etc.  So we asked Laurie to go, too! 

We went thru thru the exhibition barns & checked out all the animals & enjoyed ourselves some good ol' country tractor & truck pulls!
I've been to see monster trucks 100 times, so this was a pleasant change. 
We enjoyed ourselves a lot.   I wish I'd splurged on the deep fried Snickers instead of the deep fired cookie dough, tho.  It just tasted like a cookie.  

Laurie & I were up before dawn to load the horses & get into Lapeer for the "Run Drugs Out of Town" 5K run.
There ended up being 6 of us doing traffic control over 3 streets - stopping cars so the runners didn't have to worry about them. 

I was at a corner with Lt. and 3 sheriff's department Explorers, aka high school kids.  I gather it's like ROTC but for law enforcement instead of military.
We had to cross this wooden bridge across a lake.  All the horses did well going over it. 
The first runner to go by - I could only imagine what Kisses was thinking!

Once she settled down, she was good.  We stood in the traffic lane until a car came our way.  I'd circle her around, and the Explorer right there would actually do the traffic directing.  Then we'd go back in the road & stand. 

Also on our corner was a steel stamping plant and Lt & I both noticed that there was a truck scale in the their parking lot.  He commented that we were going to take the horses over the scale after the race was done.  Heehee!   And we did!  I secretly felt really good that him & his little horse & lightweight sheriff's dept saddle weighed pretty close to the same as me with my big horse & heavy western saddle! 
As we rode back toward the finish line afterward, we got a shout out from the DJ and a round of applause from all the runners still in the area. 
I look like a hot mess, but Kisses looks pretty!
I got a haircut.  Randy's not a fan - he likes longer hair.  
I'm still getting used to it.  I'm used to being able to pull it back in a clippy & call it a day.  Now it's not long enough for anything other than a headband.  

So I'm going to keep this short - time to call it a day!  We did lots of walking today - and since Randy had picked me up from work, I was in a skirt & flat dress shoes, so my feets are feeling it!



  1. Happy birthday! Looks like you spent a pretty nice day! The Hard Rock Cafe is always fun!

  2. Happy Birthday. I'm glad you had a nice time, and the fair sounds like it was tons of fun. :)



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