Saturday, May 6, 2017

Headliners Dance Comp (pic heavy)

I'm finally getting around to posting some pics from April 22/23.  This was the first time and probably the last that we go to Headliners.  The main issue we had is that there were only 2 levels of competition.  Our girls are most definitely not beginners, but they're not as advanced as the other teams in the higher level, and therefore fought hard for what few placements they got. 

However, the photographer was awesome!  
And we got the rights to all photos & videos with our entry fee.

They Don't Really Care About Us 
Small Group Tap
High Gold
 Angel in the middle.
 They do this really cool hand-clapping section. 
She's 2nd from left.
 The whole dance looked awesome until around this part when one of the girls is most obviously in the wrong place.  
The F bomb may or may not have been voiced, but it was indeed mouthed! 
High Gold
 The set
 Angel really stood out in her bright teal Miss Peacock costume. 
 The victim on the front of the stage. 
 Being chased by a detective. 
I love this shot!
 She looks like she's stabbing Col Mustard in the back!
 They did jazz, lyrical, hiphop & tap in this routine. 
Spoiler - it was the butler in the dining room with the candle stick. 
 Where Feet May Fail 
Small Group Lyrical
High Gold / 2nd place
 Angel is the one with a knee wrap on.  They didn't wear tights so it stands out. 
 However, her tattoo was covered nicely!

Our dressing room was a band uniform storage closet (we were at a high school) so the girls changed in there, then came out in the hallway to touch up hair & makeup.  She was standing in front of me, leaning over dramatically so I could put makeup on her tattoo, and another team went by and I swear every girl stared, as if I was sewing another arm on her side or something!  
Move along people, nothing to see here!
 Girl Power
HipHop Line
Elite Gold - 4th place

There's no freakin' way that a Disney "Dance Off" should have gotten 3rd over then.  
That was BS.
  Just to the right of the very front girl. (above & below)
 These are the juniors - they're some fierce little nuggets!
Check out their mean-mugs.
 The judges loved Angel's jump - said she had great height and a clean landing. 
Her solo
The judges loved her hair, her sass and all 3 commented 
on her tongue that always sticks out at one point or another!
Since it's a Britney Spears song, I would have preferred her hair to be up in the usual high pony, but I understand that there just wasn't time to undo it after lyrical  and put it back up before jazz into the braided bun. But they liked it, so I can't complain. 
She was upset that she put her hands down during her aerial but she was over too far and hit the curtains, so it was put her hands down or fall on her head.  I think she made a good choice. 
 Final Song
Small Group Jazz
High Gold / 1st place

Tuesday is the official group pictures at the studio.  Can't wait!  This is one of my favorite days of the season. I always get at least a 5x7 of every one of her costumes, and she tries to come up with different poses each year.  I told her for hiphop she needs to find something to jump off so they can take one like in the pic above!  

So the next competition is next Saturday - it sounds like a very small one, since they expect to have awards at 4pm!  The comp tried to prevent it from going over into Mother's Day and it looks like they succeeded.  On the down side, that means they'll be doing a lot of quick-changes.  It's going to be a tiring day for all involved.

...and there will be another year of dance for Miss Angela.  The owner of the studio had asked her during Headliners if she could squeeze another year out of her, but she hadn't given an answer.  We had a team parent meeting Thursday and they were talking about changes being made to the team and new criteria regarding going to Nationals.  So as we stood by the front desk afterward with the owner of the studio, 2 of the teachers, and 2 moms whose girls really look up to Angel, Terina asked if she was coming back next year, and Angel said "If if means a trip to Daytona Beach, HELL YEAH!"  And they cheered.
And so it continues. 


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