Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WERK Intensive 2016

December 4 was the annual all-day dance intensive at Miss Angela's dance studio.  They bring in guest teachers in all genres (technique, jazz, lyrical, tap, ballet & hiphop) and have lunch catered in.  The kids work their little butts off but they love it!

This is the 3rd (I think) year I volunteered to take pictures, so I was kept hopping between the junior and senior rooms.  I took a total of 1308 photos this year!!!  These posted here are some of my favorites (of course Angel was the subject a lot, but I tried to make sure I got everyone) and I've attached a link at the bottom to my Facebook album that I shared with the studio. 
Angel in her pink socks.
Group warm-up
Maddie & Gianna posing for me to check settings on my camera.


Angel & Haili

Lyrical - the lights were off.
Which worked out OK in the senior's room with the wall of windows, but the junior's room was completely dark. 

They paired up and had to mirror each other.  Made for some cool shots!

Angel & Sarah being goofballs.

I found myself concentrating on their faces.  The teacher did a lot of sharp pop & locking / animation motions that the girls just couldn't do.

This pretty much sums it all up!


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