Sunday, October 2, 2016

More birthday!

On Sept 28, 1997, this little melon-headed nugget came into the world.

I'm so glad that sometimes I didn't have any other kids, because this one is a handful!
But I wouldn't trade her for anything.

She's been wanting a second tattoo (I took her for #1 on her 18th birthday!) 
so here we go!

I made it easy for the artist (who has done 2 of mine and is fantastic), I already had her phrase printed out and we left it with him so when we went back, it was ready to go. 
Note to everyone - this is a painful spot for skinny peoples!
I thought she was going to squeeze my fingers off.
Luckily it took less than 10 minutes.  It took longer for Chino to set up than to actually DO it.  
Her next present was one she's been waiting for for a year - a trip to Canada for her first "legal" drink!  She was bummed that some of her friends couldn't go but not everyone plans ahead and gets their enhanced license as soon as they get one! 
My sister and I were her partners.  
 Crossing the Ambassador Bridge out of Detroit. 
 I love the Renaissance Center in the background! 

Once we crossed the bridge - the adventure began.  The customs officer asked 7000 questions about what we were doing and such.  We had thought to go to a comedy club, so I was able to tell him the name of the Club, who was headlining, the time it started - a whole bunch of stuff that we aren't quite sure why he was asking (and writing down!)  So then we got sent to Immigration - it happens.  Random checks, ya know.  I pulled into the parking spot, we all got out and the car was inspected.  I was chatting with the first officer and she also knew exactly why we were there when I told her my daughter had just turned 19.  It's not an unusual thing!  Next we got sent into the actual Immigration office for a background check.  Wooo fun.  We sat there for a good half hour while they did their thing, then finally got our IDs back and could leave.  

So much for stopping at one of the parks I saw on Google maps to get pictures of the bridge and skyline!  It was dark by the time we left Immigration. 

We made our way to a "restopub" that one of Angel's coworkers recommended.  Angel & Laurie had a big discussion about what beverage she wanted.  She ended up with Captain Morgan and Ginger Ale.  The 2 guys at the table next to us were chatty and bought a round of shots.  I regretfully turned one down since I was driving. One beer was all I was going to risk, alto I know I can handle more than that. 

Since we didn't really have a plan, Laurie mentioned going to a casino.  Angel liked that idea.  I wondered out loud where one was.  Then I looked over and saw "Caesars" on the side of the building about a block away.  Found it!  We ended up parking in Caesar's parking deck and walking back to Loose Goose for dinner.  While we were in there - it started to storm.  Fantastic lightning & dumping rain.  Great.  My car is 3 blocks away! 

We waited until it was almost done raining and made a run for the casino.  I wish my camera would have taken a second quicker - there had been a giant bolt of lightning just to the right of the Ren Cen!  
 Windsor definitely has the prettiest view of Detroit.  
None of us really knew what the inside of a casino looked like.  It's so not like what you see on TV or in movies!  This was very opulent and a hell of a lot quieter than on TV!  And huge!  Man that place is big!

We explored a little bit, just taking in the sights and people watching, since Laurie & I don't gamble (we like to keep our dollas!) Then we asked Angel if she wanted to try playing the slots.  She tried to tell us she didn't know what to do.  That's OK, we don't either!  It can't be that hard or so many people wouldn't be playing them!  I gave her $5 to put in a machine.  She did "1 bet" a couple times, then Laurie suggested she try "2 bet".  Once she hit that button - the machine started "ka-ching"ing!  We all stared with open mouths was the dollar amount on the screen kept rising!  She ended up playing maybe $2.50 and won $40!  
 She wisely cashed out and we left soon after. 
$40 Canadian worked out to $30.25 American. Boo.  
We came back home thru the Detroit - Windsor Tunnel.  Customs was a hell of a lot easier on the US side!  The guy asked where we'd been (at the casino for my daughter's 19th birthday) and asked if we were bringing anything back with us.  Nope.  He handed back our IDs and told Angel Happy Birthday and we were on our merry way!

Then today, we were supposed to take her & my nephew Austin to the apple orchard like we usually do.  But we thought it was going to rain so just met for lunch instead.  
Austin was born preemie the day before Angel turned 3.  
Hard to believe the difference now!

Happy birthday to my favorite little Pnut!


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