Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home, part 2

See part 1, here

Afterward we went back downtown to Josephine Taussaud's Wax Museum - I've been wanting to go there!  I have to admit - some (ok, most) of the figures did NOT look like who they were supposed to be.  I regret not getting pics of the "Stairway of Stars" as soon as we came in.  There were Mae West, Liz Taylor, Louis Armstrong and even the Pope!  At the top of the stairs was Jesus on the cross and the Last Supper behind him.  

 Carrie Nation and a random saloon girl

Alfred Hitchcock

Mom was so funny.  There is an option to go past the Chamber of Horrors.  Angel & I were going thru and when Randy asked Mom if she wanted to go thru, she did this little dance move, pointing with her head toward the bypass. It wasn't bad, but I can see where she wouldn't like it. 

 Mr & Mrs. Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth

 George Washington & Napoleon

 Teddy Roosevelt & his very surprised horse.  
He doesn't look comfortable on that saddle. 

 General Grant seems to have a problem with his leg. 

 Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin, Charles DeGualle & FDR. 

 De Soto discovering Hot Springs & his friend

 The Kennedy's with the Clinton's reflected on the left. 

 Prince Albert, The Queen, Princess Di, Prince Charles, Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon

 Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette

 Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

 Queen Elizabeth I

 Martin Luther King, Jr. 

 The Wright Brothers & Charles Lindbergh

 Neil Armstrong

 Albert Einstein


 Rumpelstiltskin & the miller's daughter

 Wow!  The most realistic one yet!

 Mark Twain with Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer

 Captain Jack Sparrow

 Cinderella & her fairy Godmother

 Geppetto & Pinocchio

 The King & Queen of Hearts

 Alice in Wonderland

 Snow White & Creepy Dwarf

 Al Capone

There was a whole section devoted to gambling, since the building itself used to house the Southern Club Casino.  We couldn't figure out why there was a window in the back showing the side of the mountain.. Back in the early 60's a flood caused a landslide that took out the back of the casino.  If it had been daylight, we would have seen the safe that someone dug out of the rubble that supposedly had held over $5 million!  There was also an escape tunnel for the gangsters to use when the police raided.

 Another realistic dummy!

Friday is when I finally made my pilgrimage to the Buckstaff to "take the waters".  The only issue I had is that they had also lost power and just got it back Thursday, so it was fairly chilly in there on that marble floor. But of course the water was nice & hot!  As usual, my attendant was wonderful.  I think I've had her in the past, and she said she never forgets a face. And the masseuse was excellent.  Angel decided she wanted to go with me this time.  She enjoyed herself muchly, other than thinking the sitz bath is completely pointless and awkward.  I know she's never had a massage before, so I may have created a monster! 

We started home yesterday after one last breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Mom. Randy had been keeping an eye on the weather & road conditions, since a lot of them had been closed. 

Look at the trees bent over!  Crazy!

But otherwise, the roads all the way home were clear & dry.  There was no snow in northern Arkansas, but the rest of the way, there was plenty. 

But it is so nice to be home, even if we had to spend 2 hours shoveling the driveway.  We have to take the rental car back tomorrow and pick up the dog from the kennel, and all will be ready for New Year's Eve!


  1. Glad to hear that your vacation went so well. I always enjoy going to wax museums.

    Tossing It Out

  2. It was really neat, and the history of the building added to the interest.

  3. Glad you had a nice vacation. Getting home is always nice too. :)

  4. it's nice to have a welcoming committee that purrs & meows!


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