Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Didn’t do anything particularly exciting. I tried to talk Michelle into letting me have the day off work, by nature of my name, but that didn’t work. She said she didn’t get Easter off (they’re the Hare family) so I didn’t get Valentine’s off. Darn. Didn’t hurt to try! Randy & I dropped Angel off at dance then went grocery shopping. We decided on not going out to dinner tonight & instead made dinner in that reminded us of summer – turkey cheddar brats, baked beans & potato chips. I got a bunch of flowers there & he grabbed 2 bags of Dove chocolates and 1 Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. MmMmMmMm!!! Then we played some Wii Crazy Golf.

Then I went to pick Angel up & was invited in to watch the competition jazz dance. It’s pretty neat. It’s going to look awesome in their silver & blue striped sequined dresses. I’m looking forward to next Monday because its winter break & they’re just having certain classes, so I want to go a bit early to watch tap. I haven’t seen her tap since last year’s recital! They always look like they’re having fun.

They’re offering a Dad’s class this year for the first time. I’d love to see Randy on stage, but I also know that he absolutely cannot dance if his life depended on it. Oh well. I saw the sign up sheet – there’s going to be quite a few Dads, so it’ll still be funny. The teacher who’s teaching it said the last time she taught this class; she had them in boxers & wife-beaters & raincoats dancing to “Its Raining Men”. OMG – that had to be hilarious! The Daddy/Daughter dance will be cute, too.

I had an entertaining email conversation this weekend. I got this message on Facebook out of the blue from this lady who had been seeing the Donor. She was really nice & wanted to know my side of the story why he hadn’t been in contact with Angel, etc. We chatted back & forth 5 or 6 times. I got the impression she was on the verge of breaking it off with him anyway, and what I told her sealed it. She said (among other things) she couldn’t respect a person who could ignore his own flesh & blood. Me, neither! I’m glad for her, since I rather liked her. Some of the things she said sounded like me! I sort of wonder how she found me. I looked at her profile & she is friends with both his Mom & a guy from the Lincoln we called Tiny. I wonder if one of them told her who I was. Oh well, I wish her the best in her new ~freedom~!

I got a booboo at work Friday. I was cold so I grabbed a cup of coffee & proceeded to trip up the stairs. It sure didn’t look like much coffee came out of the cup, but it was all over 2 ½ stairs & a good part of the landing. Damn it. Then I realized I bruised & skinned the hell out of my knee. Luckily it was only stiff Friday. It’s been fine since, even with the big ol’ scab. Glad there were no witnesses!!

Angel went home after the school Valentine dance with Emaly Friday to finish decorating their shirts for today and ended up spending the night. So I stopped at Avenue after work & got me some nice new undergarments, a nice necklace, 2 new tops & some yoga pants that shrunk when I washed them! I know my legs aren’t that long, damn it! But they should be nice to bum around the house in. I have to go off on a tangent about these new underwear. I so have to go get more. They are AMAZING!! They are the most comfortable undies I’ve ever worn & no wedgies!!! And they’re funky colored, too. I saved the bright red ones to wear today.

So since we had the huge “Snopocalypse” 2 weeks ago, we haven’t gotten much more of the white stuff.  An inch here, a couple inches there, etc.  In fact it’s been warming up a bit! Got up to 45 yesterday & 41 today and going up to 53 Thursday!!! WOOHOOO!!!! But I know that’s not the end of winter. I just hope it doesn’t inspire my tulips & crocuses to start sprouting! Jack wanted to play ball so badly today. I had to keep it in the driveway since every time I threw it out in the yard, it would get buried in the snow & he couldn’t find it. But my hand started to freeze about 4 or 5 tosses, so I had to be the fun killer.

So next week is mid-winter break. I’m taking a couple days off to take little Miss Maggie to the vet to get her blood pressure checked and them Miss Angewa to the orthodontist for a consultation. I know she’s going to need braces. But at least that darn little snaggletooth came out! That goofy kid wants them!  I’ve never had them, but I’ve heard that they can be painful until you get used to them. She complains about brushing her teeth now, she’s really going to hate having to brush them a bunch of times a day to keep the crap out of them.

Anyway, I got my skeleton cupid. I love it! It just makes me want to SQUEEEEE! I posted a picture on Halloween Forum & people are jealous! LOL! And they think I should leave it out year round. I just might!

I’m just waiting for my payment to clear for the last of the blowmolds I won on eBay. We had one like the one on the left when I was a kid. ^^^^^^^^ No idea what ever happened to that, but I couldn’t resist when I saw this one. I think I’m done with eBay for a while. However, I do plan on having the Easter bunny bring me this….

So anyway, its time for bed, Sweet dreams ya’ll !

A & A2 doing chocolate mousse mud masques.

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