Sunday, May 30, 2010


Happy Memorial Day weekend!

It’s so nice to be able to have a day to chill tomorrow! Angel didn’t have school Friday, so I took the day off, and spent the day getting the house presentable (and applying weed & feed and grocery shopping and putting dance pics in frames and random other stuff here & there). Saturday I had to re-arrange the living room, since the console radio and its adorning plants were in front of the window where we put the A/C unit. Then took Angel to dance, made another trip to the grocery store & the hardware store. 2 people that Randy graduated with came over with their families for a visit. We actually had a really good time! Hannah & Ron were really nice. Hannah’s hubby, Dave, grew up in Sterling Heights and his parents only live maybe 2 miles from us! Their son was perfectly happy in front of the TV.  Ron & Wendy drove up from Indiana for the afternoon….sort of an impromptu Smackover Buckaroo Class of 1985, north of the Mason Dixon reunion. Almost 10% of the class was there (they only had 39 in their class!) Today we went to church, then over to Aunt Jenny’s for a BBQ. We didn’t leave there until after 8 pm. We had a good time with the fam.

Randy, Hannah, Ron

me, Randy, Hannah, Dave, Wendy (with Dixie) and Ron

So the plan for tomorrow is…….veg!!! OK, changing sheets & doing laundry, but that’s it!!  Maybe spending some quality time out on the patio under the awning with some nice sun tea and a book....or I may drag out the coffin to paint it!  I will get that done sometime early this summer!!  It's calling for rain in the afternoon, so the awning will be welcome.

I finally got the girl’s dance pics yesterday. They’re awesome!


ballet (yes - she's in mid-air)



Wow, not a whole lot has been going on otherwise. We got an email about Pnut’s ballet & jazz classes being extended up until the recital as of last week. An extra 45 minutes of ballet per week and 30 minutes of jazz. The ballet drill instructor is a real stickler, so she’s really “polishing” them. And jazz is just a super fast song, so the extra practice must be welcome. There had been talk about extra hiphop practice, but no one ever said anything more about it. Guess they got it together.

Pnut owes Randy 2 car washes – I took her out a week ago Friday looking for these rubber band bracelet things that EVERYONE had. So of course every place we went to was sold out. The last 2 places, a CVS and a Walgreens told us that they were getting trucks in Saturday morning, so I volunteered Randy to take her. Darn if that little turd got offended when we told her she could use her own $$ and then take Randy to Tim Horton’s for breakfast!!! She said it was a waste of $$!! I will totally remember that line & use it on her when she wants me to get her something.  So Randy bought her 2 packs of these cheesy bracelets and she has to wash his car once for each pack and had to pull all the weeds between paver bricks on the patio to cover breakfast. Took her an hour and a half, but she did a really good job!

Funny story while she was doing that. I was around the side of the house, pulling weeds in the flower beds when she called me – there was a strange dog in the yard and Jack wasn’t on the run because I’d been playing ball with him. So he’s out in the back with a huge put bull. But the pit was just standing there while Jack sniffed him. Jack turns deaf when his nose is working, so he didn’t come when I called him. I kept calling and calling and this pit bull circled around like he was going to come to me. I finally got where I could grab Jack’s collar and the hose to spray the visitor. So he left. He seemed friendly enough, never made a single hostile moment, but we don’t need strays in our yard! So when I was in the front, I saw the neighbors had the pit on a leash and a Shelby K9 unit was over there. I get the impression someone else in the hood had called the cops about the dog running loose but the neighbors knew who he belonged to. Angel said she saw that dog out & about all the time going to and from the school bus. A little while later, she took Jack for a walk and came home to tell me that she heard the neighbor’s calling the pit bull (who was doing full body wiggles while the cop was petting it) and his name was Jack, too! No wonder the poor dog looked confused, I was calling his name, but shooing him away!  But I'm so glad he was friendly, since Angel wouldn't have stood a chance if he went after her while sitting on the patio. 

Anyway, I’m getting tired now. These early mornings are catching up to me now, so I think I’ll turn in!


Joe was all up in our new grill!

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