Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am so happy that it’s officially spring !! Yes, the crocuses are out; yes, the lilacs are about ready to leaf out; yes, the tulips/daffodils/hyacinths are going crazy. The biggest, fattest robin I’d ever seen was in the back yard yesterday (of course it went down to like 20 degrees the past two nights, too!) I trim all my perennials down to the ground in the fall so the rose, lilies, mums, irises & coneflowers are all making appearances now. I’m still leery about clearing the mulch off yet – it is Michigan, after all. It’s calling for 70 degrees the end of next week! I’m hoping it holds out for 2 weeks, since I took April 8 & 9 off work. Gonna do a little bit of spring cleaning!
Some of the tulips in the front flower bed.

My crocuses are tiny this year!

Last weekend we had another GFW - the St. Patricks edition. So we looked like a bunch of retards going in to the Village Grille (Lapeer County’s “Place for the Blues” – which explains all the blues bands!) the weekend AFTER St. Pats when all the parties were the weekend BEFORE.  Oh well.  But this time Lisa heard that the singer was only 16, so of course we had to go. And she proceeded to act like she’d never seen someone of the male gender before. Honestly, if you’re into the Blues, The Jake Bishop Band is pretty good. These GFWs are kicking my butt. I just need to pass on the beer. I don’t need those extra calories & stuff.

The 3rd pic I took after telling Mom to keep her eyes open this time!

Me & the girls

We told the band that the girls wanted a picture so when they become famous,
we can say that we had seen you play before.  They really liked that!

So anyway, Laurie called me Wednesday morning, she’d gotten a call that our half-brother Curt had passed away. It was rather sudden, I guess he just went to bed & didn’t wake up. So the visitation & services are tomorrow. Beth, his wife, asked Laurie to come out before to help her with all the names so I’m going with her. Randy’s on primary beeper this weekend, so he & Angel can go out later. I want to go, since I’ve heard these names all my life but never asked exactly how people were related, if they even were. So this will be interesting. But I better dig out a hanky or two – since the sympathy tears will flow.

Gosh, what all has been going on? Not much. I really should be doing a few 27 fling boogies & Hot Spot Fire Drills (aka FlyLady!) Have some laundry to do & my plants are taking over the kitchen table, so I need to move some around. Maybe plan for a pre-Easter shopping trip, you know – for what the Bunny may bring…… either way – I need to get off the computer and get some stuff at least started before having to stop & take Pnut to the roller rink to hang out with Lisa for a while. I bet Mom enjoys the time alone, too! Randy’s at a meeting at the county this morning, not sure when he’ll get home.

St. Pats Jack

Charly chillin'.

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