Saturday, December 12, 2009


WooHoo! How cool is this?

We got our pics taken with a couple of the Red Wings! Brett Lebda (#22) & Justin Abdelkader (#8). They were doing the Red Kettle bell ringer thing for the Salvation Army outside Hockeytown Authentics by my work last Tuesday. It was a competition of sorts for the most donations, since there were guys at 3 other locations during the same time frame.

Angel was funny. I can honestly say that she has been bribed by one of the Wings! She didn’t want anything to do with posing with them – at first. I handed her my camera and told her to take one of me with them. They thought that was funny! So after she took it, I asked if she wanted to go up by them and she shook her head. Lebda asked her if she wanted to ring his bell (bribery!!) and then all was good. She was perfectly happy to go pose with them then. They were really nice guys. I kick myself over & over for not buying the white helmet ornament in the store and getting them to autograph it. Guess I’ll have to do that next year.

Randy and I went on our hot date last night while Angel was at her Lock In at the dance studio. We went out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, got a few things from WalMart, came home & watched the Red Wings game – then I fell asleep while Randy messed around with his new Netbook Scribbler thingy. We are such party animals. But it’s nice to have some alone time.

The kid has been fighting a sore throat all week. I sent her to school Tuesday then had to go get her around 1. Same with Wednesday. I had them check her throat at her meet & greet Tuesday night, and the doctor said it wasn’t strep and just take OTC meds for it. She’s got a yucky sounding cough right now. Thursday I kept her home from school, but I needed to go to work for a couple hours, so she spent the morning alone. Then I get home and she wanted to go to school for 5th & 6th hours! Sheesh! She had a presentation to do in 6th hour, was the reasoning behind that. I called the school and they were OK with it, so I dropped her off and finished off my Christmas shopping (I think!!!).

She was mad at me Wednesday. She wanted to skip dance and go to her friend Rebecca’s birthday at Dave & Buster’s. I wasn’t happy about it, but I was going to let her go. Then she called me to pick her up. Since she was too sick to stay at school, she obviously was too sick to go party! I just dropped her off at home and went back to work for a couple hours – she called me at work and told me that she was miraculously cured (this said in her gravelly voice) and she felt 100 times better since she took medicine. I expressed my amazement, but told her she still wasn’t going to the party. I can only imagine what she told Rebecca about me when she called her. And in case she was going to “forget” to call, I told her that I still had Rebecca’s Dad’s # on my caller ID and could call him so he wouldn’t make the unnecessary trip to our house. She didn’t like that idea, but I know she called.

Man is it cold! I’m so glad the wind stopped, tho. The west side of the state had blizzard warnings most of the week and got lake-affect snow dumped on them. They can keep it, too. We have enough to cover the grass somewhat, but the sun is shining. We didn’t lose any major limbs out of the maple trees, even when I was hoping we would. There are a couple big dead ones in the one tree just caught up in the other branches and I was sure they’d come down in one of those nasty 35+ mph gusts. Nothing.

Tonight we’re going to meet up with Mom & Laurie for dinner & then we’re going to look at the lights in Rochester. I hope I can get some pics to do it justice. Here’s a little YouTube clip someone made a couple years ago.

America's Largest Bebb Oak on Record, Rochester Hills

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