Saturday, November 14, 2009


It’s the weekend !!

Today I went to Clawson’s craft show with Laurie & Linda. Mom pinched a nerve in her hip a week ago and is still having a hard time getting around, so she opted to stay home. It seemed weird going without her, but she seems to think she’ll be OK to go to the one at Eisenhower HS next weekend. Cool.

Those are our traditional shopping trips. I got one of those triangle games with the golf tees (like at Cracker Barrel) for Randy, catnip toys for the cats, a rope toy and some treats for Jack, a lighted glass block for under the C-mas tree (been wanting one for a couple years but they’ve been crazy expensive – got this one for $9!!), some little stained glass trees to string across the kitchen window, my annual family ornament from the same lady I’ve gotten one from since 2000, and my favorite purchase – a stuffed gingerbread man. He’s so stinkin’ cute! We had fun with him. L&L kept saying I was discriminating because I thought this one was cuter than the other ones (2 were wearing dresses and holding coffee mugs & the other’s face was all smashed together and had an ugly ribbon) and how I hurt the ugly one’s feelings, etc. We had a good laugh.

So, November 3, I went to go watch Angel cheer at one of the last games of the season. Eppler came from behind 0-22 at halftime to win it in the last 4 seconds of the game, 34-28. It was a very exciting 4th quarter! It’s cute that when one of the players gets hurt, all the players & the cheerleaders all go down on one knee until he leaves the field. But they don’t when the cheerleaders get hurt! One of the pyramids collapsed (not Angel’s thank God!), the flyer got a sprained ankle & her elbow collided with the back spot’s nose. So the two of them came over to the bleachers crying. The poor things!

November 10 was her last game of the season. Eppler won 6-0 (and ended the season in 2nd place – woohoo!!), but overall it wasn’t too exciting. Most of the game was played between the 30 yard lines. We finally got thru and made a touchdown. Then the other team almost answered it. One boy got hold of the ball and he took off running like a rocket! He was flying!! Somehow one of our guys came across the field and managed to tackle him.

Speaking of tackles….Angel’s going to get herself a reputation and boys are going to avoid her! OK, that might not be so bad. Anyway, as if casually sticking her foot out & tripping a boy in 5th grade wasn’t enough. A couple weeks ago, they combined classes for gym class. They were playing dodge ball and a 9th grade boy took Angel’s ball from her. She ran after this kid, jumped on his back and knocked him down!! But she got her ball back! I can imagine this kid going home and hiding for days because he got knocked down by a little girl! The latest escapade was just this week. They should not let some kids have hockey sticks. They weren’t even playing yet! This boy got a stick out of the rack and accidentally hit Angel in the side of the head with it (high-sticking!) and she managed to hit him back somehow with her stick (cross-checking!) I guess I’m proud of my baby girl! Look out!

Last weekend we all went out to Laurie’s to write out Thank You notes for Dad’s funeral. It was easier than I expected, since they were pre-printed by the funeral home and we just signed them “The Family of James Owens” and each of us got a page from the sign-in book and addressed the envelopes straight from that. Laurie had a moment while looking at a ribbon that had been in a flower basket. We just let her leave the table and she came back when she got herself together. I’ve been doing good. I stopped at the cemetery on the way to my WW meeting this week and a few tears came. They probably will for a while.


This past week, my boss’s Dad passed away, too. He got sick hard & fast, since he was fine on a family trip to Georgia at the beginning of October. He was on life support and all this last week. They had a meeting and decided to take him off of it. We heard rumors that his funeral is Tuesday, but I don’t think I can go. I liked & respected Mr. Hare and will miss him, but it’s just too soon. I hope Michelle & everyone understands. I’m sure she will.

Man, the weather was great last weekend! We were out in shorts & t-shirts cleaning up the front yard. We even took advantage – like many other peeps did – and put up the Christmas lights on the house. We only put a single strand of those old-school big bulbs across the gutter, but I sure don’t want to be out there watching Randy on a ladder when it gets cold! Randy used the leaf blower to clean out the gutters and I handed it to Angel and let her go to town on the front lawn. She did a pretty good job of getting most of the leaves into the ditch. We picked them up from there to put in the yard waste container. She hopped into it and stomped leaves down while I tossed more into it. We had a good time. I couldn’t resist the pile of crisp leaves, and melted into them. I was completely buried in them. Then I had to lay there while Angel ran inside to get Randy. So anyway, we don’t have to spiral lighted trees out yet, or the plastic Santa. They can wait until after Thanksgiving.

So I’m hoping to finally break my plateau this week. I’m down to my lowest weight – again. But I’m determined to fill out my food journal in its entirety every night and then give myself a gold star on the calendar. I know it’s juvenile, but it’s working for me! Before I’d fill it out fine at work, but not at home. Definitely not on the weekends, either. So now I’m making sure to fill it out AND to figure out my points, too. I’ve been scamming myself out of Activity Points! E-tools didn’t have shopping as an activity, but 2 hours of leisurely walking is worth 6 APs!! I’d not been looking at stuff like that!

So, I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I’m going for a “meet n greet” at a new place, because I don’t like my old doctor. He never took appointments and the last time I was there – just to find out blood test results - he left me sitting in a room for over 2 hours because they FORGOT about me!!! So I’ll have a new place before I should happen to need one. Randy’s going to the same guy on Friday for his first physical since I’ve known him. Can’t wait to hear about this! He was honestly expecting sympathy because he’ll be getting a prostate exam. Hello! You get one little finger shoved where the sun don’t shine. I get cold metal post-hole diggers shoved up & spread wide in certain areas every year, plus get random parts of my body mauled by cold hands! Nope. No pity party at this house!

Randy will be leaving for Arkansas directly from there for his annual pilgrimage. My plan for while he’s gone is to get the girl’s room painted. We’re still arguing over colors. She wants bright lime green & deep turquoise. Sorry – you need to sleep in that room and you can’t if the walls are GLOWING!!! I’ve managed to talk her into a cream color for the ceiling. We got sample paint of a couple different colors to see how they look before we commit to obnoxiousness. I’m OK with green & turquoise, just not as vibrant as she wants. I even suggested blocks of color through the room, since 4 solid walls of lime green would be a bit much.

Oooh, and she’s going to be dancing at halftime at the Lions game on Thanksgiving Day! Something actually worth watching! There are 10 girls from her studio going. I think it’ll be a madhouse, since they have to go to Ford Field for practices and God only knows how many peeps will be performing. Anyway I’m sure the Lions will lose. But they have won 1 game this season – already better than last year! LOL – I bet the Redskins feel like total losers. They got beat by the Lions!

OK,I think it’s about time to turn in for the evening. Later!

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