Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Whew! Where to begin? Tonight we had a meeting with the hospice peeps at the hospital where Dad is. He’s obviously not doing well. No decision was actually made yet, but I think it’s a good possibility.

He’s been in the hospital for a week or so this time. He was falling a lot and Mom was getting concerned that he had pneumonia again. So after his last fall when he hit his head pretty hard, she took him back in and he did have it, along with bronchitis again. The poor guy’s been thru the mill! He hates being in the hospital, and I don’t blame him. The nurses are afraid to even get him out of bed, in case he falls.

Angel also FINALLY brought her grades up enough where she was able to cheer at the football game tonight! Woohoo! So I was able to catch the first half before having to leave for the meeting. The Eppler Chieftains beat the Shelby Wildcats, 6-0! Eppler was apparently the Detroit Lions of the school district, because when they won the first game, it was the first time they’d won in 4 years!! Now they’ve won 2 !!

She's the back spot (far left on bottom of stack)

Saturday, Angel and I went over to Mom & Dad’s house to help Mom get caught up on laundry & misc. other things. Luckily she was there, but she had a couple bad moments. What could I say? I just put my arms around her and held her. She said I didn’t need to do anything, because she’ll have plenty of time to get it done soon enough. That sounded pretty ominous to me. So she had just come home to take a shower & change, then went back to the hospital. I did about 4 loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, wiped down counters, took out the trash, had Angel run the vac. Just little things so Mom didn’t have to worry about it.

Sigh. I had a moment with laundry-room envy. That was tough to overcome.

On a more cheerful note – after we finished there, we stopped at Lowe’s and got the supplies we needed to make our Halloween coffin! The shopping trip was an adventure, and the cashier was entertained that we were making it. Sunday was construction day! OK, we let Randy help, since his anal-ness was useful with the circular saw. But I measured & clamped on the fence, he just ran the saw for the big cuts. We’re not done with it yet. We still have to add the trim, paint & attach the hinges & handle to the lid. I’m hoping to have it done before Saturday, but it’s not exactly high on my list of priorities.

She got to hold the wood while we cut it.

My boss (a MSU fan) says she can be buried in that shirt!

She fits in the coffin perfectly!

We also got the cemetery put up! I was cutting down plants in the front yard, so I had Angel out there driving stakes into the ground (yes – I let her use a hammer and yes – she did hurt herself several times!) It looks rather cute. I thought I was going to go back without her knowing and move some around, but I decided not to. Old cemeteries aren’t perfectly spaced out in rows, so why should ours be?

My man-eating plant

Man-eating plant babies

This Saturday is Angel’s Halloween birthday party with her friends. She took the invites in last week and this week, after sending reminder notes to school with her – we’ve finally heard from 2. I can’t decide if its ignorance or just rudeness that no one has called. That is my newest pet-peeve: the non-RSVP. That’s OK. Fewer are easier to deal with. I’d rather deal with 2 or 3 girls than the original 12 she invited. We can do more. I’m thinking of taking them down to the park after it gets dark so we can go for a spooky walk. Maybe Holland Ponds because it’s more in the woods……yeah!

Fewer girls means less food needed, too. I already got the stuff to make kitty litter cake, so that’s a gimme. BBQ lil smokies in the crock pot (BBQ baby fingers!) and screw it; maybe we’ll just order pizza. The ideas keep a-rollin’ !

Wow, so that’s about all the excitement here. The Wings lost tonight – booooo! Work seemed to be picking up for a while, but it’s evened out now so I still have a lot of time to waste during the day. I got 5% of my pay back- only 10% more to go to get back to where I was in June ‘08 !! Randy actually got a raise at his work – the first one in 3 years. But he never had any cuts like I did. And he still got a yearly bonus. Nada for me! I got a turkey before the holidays last year – that was my bonus. We were supposed to take it to Arkansas with us for his Mom to fix for Christmas, but we forgot it. Ooops. Guess I better fix it soon before I get another this year!


Random cuteness.......think I'll start ending my posts ths way!

Jack - supervising coffin building activities

Chester - the King of the Cokes!

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